A female lead relationship

A female lead relationship is a very comforting situation for many men... 
How one gets to this desired goal does take effort on the woman's part. the following statement is very, very true in some relationships
 Maintenance of this situation is sometimes needed regularly
Have you deserved to be spanked today?
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Anonymous said...

The woman with the hairbrush and glasses, my wife to a tee, spent many time across her lap, would have it no other way and she the same. Thank God for Women who understand that men never grow too old for a spanking. Jonas

Anonymous said...

Been dating six months or so, was told I was acting childish. I quickly responded, what your going to spank me. Jackie got a smile on her face and that was that, I thought. The next morning stepping out of the shower, she was holding a hairbrush, your getting a spanking she said with a stern voice, I smiled, okay. Have never smiled again, that first spanking she meant it. Today we are married and she still spanks, I found I needed a woman to be in charge and thankful I found her.

Anonymous said...

Married (F/f) a strong spanking desire, so grateful to be a female. Joan knows I need and sometime desires. But she will not hesitate giving me a spanking no matter where we might be. Been spanked in restaurant restrooms, dressing rooms, other women enjoy it for the most part seeing a spanking given. I'm just a girl who as the song said likes to have fun. My spankings are always over her lap, always bare. The spanking that I wish I had not gotten had to happen at a friends home. I knew I deserved and laying across her lap, it was when the friend gave her a nice large hairbrush and boy did I plead, kick squirm and dance around the room and only to be over the friends lap and feeling the hairbrush again. So this female spankings are wonderful for the most part, can happen anywhere, men cannot say that. Also a womans hand will not listen to the pleads, the spanking only stops when it has been properly given, men stop too soon.

Anonymous said...

I so wanted to have a woman in charge, it took sometime, but well worth the wait. The woman I married was what I was looking for. It was shortly before we got married that she let it be knows she had to be in charge. I smiled, and then told her I deepest secret, spanking. She stood up, returned with a hairbrush and looked at me, I took my pants down and underpants, off she said with them, did as told. The spanking I got was serious, really hurt, and I knew then this is what I've wanted.

Baxter said...

yes I deserved to be spanked today and my wife just finished giving me a hard paddling. And I deserved everyone of the spanks. My wife loves me.

Anonymous said...

When an FLM is agreed upon it can make a marriage better. Along with an FLM the wife is given control of discipline within the marriage and there now is consensual spanking. Many couples believe only discipline spanking should be given and they find it works for them. I get very few actual discipline spanking but do get a lot of maintenance spanking and that works for us as the problem gets solved before it gets out of hand. Prior to maintenance I stand before her and we discuss "short commings" then the maintenance is given.

Joe said...

Not only deserved a spanking but also got one. For my birthday my wife promised one spank for every year and said to get ready. Laid out 4 implements and laid face down with pillows under my hips. She came and we'll each implement will be used for the full count and use them she DID. When finished my bottom was bright red and I immediately thanked her and we kissed and hugged
It was great! ;<)

Red said...

Jonas, Anon( whose wife is Jackie); you (and I) are very lucky men.
Anon: you are a very lucky woman.
Baxter: glad to know you are being spanked regularly.
archedone: maintenance spankings do work. thanks for sharing your wife's methods.
Joe: wow, as I age , the age times four would be too severe. Glad you both had fun
bottoms up