the trip

Some days, you just need to have a drive and a hike in the forest to work out some issues in your marriage....
and maybe your wife will bring a friend along to make certain the spanking is effective

but a birching at the beach is always a possibility 

but ladies should remember they also might be spanked
IF people knew that I was spanked many years ago, it would have been a problem, now,not so much of a problem.
Spanking at home or outside, if you misbehave, you deserve to be spanked
and sometimes you deserve to be spanked just for the fun of it,a nd foreplay for fabulous sex
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submissive positions

Fun fantasies for today, or do you actually live some of these?
This is a rather fun poster, which applies for men and women...
However, in a female dominant situation, this might be appropriate
followed by rewarding the woman for spanking you

Who knows, she might even find a use for your erection
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A female lead relationship

A female lead relationship is a very comforting situation for many men... 
How one gets to this desired goal does take effort on the woman's part. the following statement is very, very true in some relationships
 Maintenance of this situation is sometimes needed regularly
Have you deserved to be spanked today?
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when friends get together

Some captions are quite stimulating, so here is today's collection....
My mind says I would enjoy this situation, undressing to be spanked in front of Cindy's friends

specifically the submissive nature that I would be in...
The thought that Cindy's friends enjoying seeing me being spanked
... oh la la
Maybe less exciting would be if I were spanked in front of my male friends

A few people have written that they have been spanked in front of other people... anyone else willing to share their experience?

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oops.. porn

Now that you have everything a man could ever want, a wife willing and happy to spank you and change bad habits..

Your wife will appreciate your honesty
but she will wish that:
Have you deleted your porn collection?

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The cane

Ronnie truly loves it, so any other readers out their who will admit they love being caned (within reasonable bounds)?

You can almost feel the thrill that this woman is having looking forward to using this cane on your bottom
 I however suggest that if it bends this much, RUN! She looks far to eager for you to sit anytime soon.
Her being fully clothed, but you bare below the waist, adds to your submission
 and she will not stop until she is satisfied
Naked, while she is still fully clothed   You can almost hear her saying: Do i have your attention NOW!!!
your caning is far from over, it has just started, but the lecture better have replies of Yes Ma'am1
A cane knows no gender, and works well on a woman's bottom also

Time to WORRY!!!!
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f/m school fantasies

Spanking involves both reality and fantasy. If one of your fantasies is a school room scenario,
hmm, did I forget something else tha the did

Oh yes, must attend to that afterwards
then you might like to visit

The teachers have never been more charming
with such impressive implements
and they know how to use them
and a great fantasy caption
and maybe your tutor has her own bath brush
However, a beautiful young woman looks so much better awaiting her spanking than a man
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marriage counsellor art


As the artist , so I have changed the beginning of this post so that you can find more of this wonderful art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least she let him sit on a pillow, this time
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waiting with the tawse

Some people have an affinity for the cane (Ronnie springs to mind), but my Love/Hate relationship is with the tawse.
The LOOK captures your attention, but soon followed by the tawse she is holding
 Your focus moves from her eyes, downwards 9even passing those prominent breasts) to how long the tawse is..
No slippering today
as she awaits your baring of your bottom
Maybe she even flexes it, to show its supple nature
The words follow me, but your eyes only focus on the tawse
and then the command is given to bend over
and the fire within your bottom begins
and you rue the day you purchased this implement
and remember, it works wonders for a woman's bottom also

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