sometimes your thinking fails you

I have been in this position, where I think I am being humorous,
but Cindy has a definite different opinion.....
and then I find myself in this  position
and possibly this
and occasionally even the carpet beater, that Cindy learned how to use during the 12 days of Christmas
i have learned that after being spanked, another attempt at humor is a very bad idea 
 I am quite aware of toasted buns
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

time for me to spank you.....present your bare bottom to me for spanking....give me a good reason why I should not spank you....I'm going to enjoy this more than you.......All wonderful words to hear.

Njspank said...

Yep happens

Baxter said...

probably it is the thinking or not thinking that got you into trouble in the first place. all that is left is to bare the bottom and let your wife or significant other deal with you

Red said...

archedone: very, very true.

Ron; agreed

Baxter: very true
bottoms up