Cindy Spanked

We seem to be evolving, and it is not for every couple, but occasionally Cindy is spanked. This was and is spankings that she has requested.

Background: While on the cruise, we once changed cabins, but Cindy was quite sick, so stayed in bed while I packed. No Problem. When it was time to depart the ship and head home, Cindy helped pack, over my objections that it was easier and more relaxing for one to do than two  people in a small cabin.

Cindy had a meltdown! Overwhelmed, with stuff all over the place, a bit of shouting back and forth, my forcing her (I know - not consensual) over my knee for one spank,trying to calm her down. It ended up where I had soreness in my chest, probably caused by our blood pressure reaching crazy heights.

Absolutely no reason: Simple packing... everything simply goes in the suitcases!!!!! , and the valuables go in the carry-on. We finally finished by both were exhausted.

The next day, Cindy on her own 'out of the blue' volition said how wrong she had been, we can never have that type of argument and stress again, and that I should give her THREE spankings!  WHOA!

Pardon,  me, but what did you just ask for????

Three spankings so I learn never to do that again.
Being such a thoughtful and loving husband, Cindy has received her first spanking, and I have stated it will be one a week. Cindy has weakly, and meekly stated I only said a spanking.

My response was good try, but I intend to do what you first asked and that was for THREE spankings

 A few days ago, it was time for her first spanking. . Knowing more about spanking than when we first started, I had Cindy over my lap while I was propped up on the bed. Thus she was prone, no pressure on arms or hands or shoulders.

A slow methodical spanking rhythm, without any spank hard enough to produce and owww, but enough to start warming her bottom. (A warmed bottom can stand a stronger spanking).

Lecture at times: you asked me to do this, because you know how badly you behaved....
More spanks...

If we forgot something in the cabin, we could always purchase another item to rpelace it if we wanted.
More spanks

Next time you will let me do the packing for both of us.
Raise your bottom so I can take down your panties...

More spanks
Cindy stated: Not too many spanks, my bottom is sore...

Not as sore as it will be, this is just the warm-up
I then picked up the leather heart shaped metal studded paddle,, that Cindy loves to use, but has RARELY ever felt on her bottom

Cindy : not that, just your hand!
Numerous fast sharp spanks, and then a pause. You asked for a spanking, three as a matter of fact. So I intend to give you a real spanking.

Numerous fast spanks all on one cheek.
" You know that I give you permission to spank me for whatever or even for no reason whenever you want"
Numerous fast spanks on the other cheek.

If you are unhappy with the packing, simply stop and spank me, and then tell me precisely how we will proceed, but don't let yourself stress out.

Cindy: that's more than 20 spanks"
Yes it is, and I am not yet finished! (Previous spankings have been limited to 20 spanks)

A few more methodical spanks, going from one cheek to the other, some lower at the top of the legs, some at the top of Cindy';s bottom, and a very nice shade of red was present.
I have forgot to mention that I massaged her bottom when any discussion was occurring.

Okay, let's finish up now, and a rapid burst of many spanks and the spanking ended.

I asked Cindy what she had to say, and she slowly said: thank you for my spanking.

The lovemaking that followed  was amazing. We chatted afterwards, as usual, and are simply amazed at how awesomely  wonderful our making love is.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

It really does not matter which partner acts up both need spanking at one time or another. This one she earned and if she tries to get out of the next one then one more should be added to teach her to accept what she has coming.

an English Rose said...

I am hopeless at holidays, I can understand exactly how this happened! Hugs to Cindy
love Jan, xx

Cat said...

Poor Cindy...hopefully, especially after the third spanking, it will serve as a reminder to never meltdown like that again. Thanks for the giggles...the tie one was a real groaner. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Good the both of you.

Best wishes,

Marco and Lindsay

Anonymous said...

I have occasionally (very 'occasionally'!) been given a taste of my own medicine when one of my decisions - since I am the one who normally "decides" - has proved to be totally wrongheaded. I may submit to a hand-spanking, a paddling - or even to the martinet - but always with the tacit understanding that this does not affect the permanent order of domestic discipline (which calls for L. to be chastised at my discretion for any transgression that calls for immediate sanction)


Tim . said...

Cute girl having spanks .

Red said...

archedone: three will definitely be enough for her to remember.

Jan: yes, vacations can add stress, but it has to be kept within reason and these spankings might just do it.

Cat: it will be a reminder that a simple suggestion should calm the situation.

Marco and Lindsay very true.

J: sounds absolutely perfect. Cindy will always spank me far more than I ever spank her.

Tim: yes
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Wow great story. Nice

Red said...

very nice
bottoms up