being lead to your spanking

When I was young, comics many times had the method of ear pulling to lead someone to whatever fate awaited them.

Thus, on spankng websites, you will see this method being employed
Seems this unlucky man is working at one such website.
It can be employed to  raise the man to stand and bend OTK.
If he squirms off her lap, he can be pulled quickly back into position
He might be told to strip naked, and then is lead upstairs to his spanking
or used to ask: are youlistening to what you did wrong, so that you will not need to be spanked again
possibly this man is being lead to the corner after being spanked
or if misbehaving in front of a friend, too show that he is controlled, and then lead to be spanked.

We have NEVER used ear pulling!
Have you ever been involved in a ear pulling situation?

This would be a better way to be directed tot eh corner after being spanked!


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  1. A strong grip on my arm, taken to the bedroom. Depending on how "naughty" decides if pants and underpants are pulled down or told to strip. Afterwards grip on arm, other hand spanking my sore bottom being led back to the front room to face the wall.

  2. A few times Rosa would announce a punishment and then take me by the hand or arm and lead me to it. We never did the 'ear thing' though.

  3. Both N and J like(d) to grab me by the ear to lead me to the place where I am/was to be spanked or whipped... and the "bad boy" connotation was clear - especially if this was witnessed! And I have been marched to the bedroom that way more times than I care to remember to get strapped for some serious misdemeanor...


    ps: As per her "sisterly privilege", B. also likes to grab my ear to bring me to the spot where she wishes to show her authority...

  4. no ear pulling here. cock pulling, occasionally.

  5. R has never used ear pulling. Just the command is enough to make me go where she wants to spank me. I think if she had to resort to pulling my ear the spanking would be worse. Better to do as told.

  6. Hello Red, Yes I've been involved in ear pulling for sure. Frequently the scolding, and the other preparations are carried out in the bed room but the actual spanking takes place elsewhere in the house. On those occasions I am 'Ear Marched" , naked, through the house to the spanking room. Usually her office for the hairbrush OTK or the basement for the strap while bent over the back of the sofa.

  7. Sean here, I'm not lead to a spanking, I go directly to the bedroom, either bare from the waist down or naked, stand and wait. Once the spanking is done, then I'm lead, with more spanks to my sore bottom to face the wall either in the kitchen or front room depending on what she is doing.

  8. anon; sounds delightful, whenever needed

    kdpierre; it does make one more submissive to be guided to a room to be spanked in, by holding your hand or arm and leading you. Well done, Rosa

    L: the being lead certainly builds your submission and their authority.

    Baxter: how delightful

    archedone: definitely best to go quietly to your span;king. That is NOT the time to increase her annoyance with you.

    Jay Jay: sounds delightful, but less so when knowing it will be a significant punishment.
    Sean: thanks for sharing
    bottoms up


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