thoughts on travel

So many wonderful places to visit in this world, but always be prepared
and have fun while you are there!
Example: who could pass up this sign and not take the implication as a challenge
Another favorite wold have to be
 and of course, you must give it the good old college try while there
and remember
you will have a successful eruption   Do not miss the exit

Basically, any road trip can be adventurous, it just depends on what route you take...  The views could be spectacular for women
and men enjoy shedding clothes in the wild

Certain roads have their own laws

but these photos are only for when parked

Travel can be adventurous
 have fun

However, on road trips we always take the bath brush and tawse, because Cindy can always advise me to find a quiet spot to stop in where we won't be disturbed

and most times of the year, you can also always find a switch or ten..
and afterwards, her reward for spanking you

I’m just sitting here thinking, if vampires can’t see their image in a mirror, then why do they always have the most immaculate hairdo? Not a single strand out of place. HUH? Answer me that.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

22, male, never been spanked, so badly want to. Thank You for this blog, the wonderful pictures. I date, but don't have the nerve to "come out". So the pictures, stories, and my time alone, I find relief. Thank You

Cat said...

Thanks for all the wonderful pics and giggles, Red!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Like you and Cindy, R and I have traveled this country from North to South and East to West. So many wonderful sites to see and so many places where one can be alone. If you are lucky you might even find a woman or man getting a spanking and it's possible the one found getting spanked could be you or me Red. Always remember that old song "keep your mind on your driving and your hands on the wheel".

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Your time will come.


Red said...

I agree with yorkie

Red said...

Cat: you are welcome
archedone: it would be a great way to meet you folks, stumbling upon you being spanked in the grea toutdoors.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

There is always something special about getting spanked (or whipped) when we are traveling - typically on vacation - and it can happen in all sorts of places, whether along a mountain path, in a (secluded) roadside rest space, in the keep of an abandoned castle, on a riverbank - and, of course, in any number of hotel or boardinghouse rooms - not to mention (on two occasions) the ladies' restroom in an airport!


Njspank said...

Love the first one. And wow the licking under the tip. WOW

Red said...

L: sounds delightful. Cindy once did this is Norway with a convenient birch spray already tied together, sitting in a house at a site that had many houses of different ages throughout the immediate area. equally wonderful was her seeing in and realizing no one was anywhere in the vicinity.

Ron; glad you liked them
bottoms up