sometimes you have to ask to be spanked

If you really think a spanking will help you alter your attitude.....

or help solve a pointless disagreement that couples get into to at times
or maybe chase away the blues
a good spanking will chase away the blues, and solve many problems
 THUS the solution is easy: ask to be spanked, and then
like this fine young woman is doing
bottoms up
you can always cool off your bottom naturally afterwards

and for President Trump


Anonymous said...

"The Gettysburg Tweet" is dated 2010... How prescient!

Cat said...

Even when you don't want it, sometimes you really do need an attitude adjustment. The 'cooling off' one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing, Red. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Njspank said...

Great song true posts. Spanking rules

Red said...

Cat: spankings really work for attitude adjustment, and glad you enjoy a unique way of cooling your bottom afterwards
Ron; you are welcome
bottoms up

Red said...

anon; Bizarro is GREAT