panties re-visited

I wear panties sometimes, as do some of my male readers, and I imagine all the women who read this blog. So here are some fantasies for today's posting.
What would you say if your wife asked you the following?
Imagining the following scenario is, however, a bit of a LONG stretch. 

Cindy does comment some time on the panties, and I have suggested she might like to tell me to put panties on, because you are going to be spanked later today. I|t has not happened.
Why wear panties sometimes?
A) silk or nylon is sexy, as opposed to cotton
B) why deny yourself the submissive thrill of wearing something society would DISAPPROVE OF!
C) This would be wonderful, but everyday is not possible,as men need more support  than panties give, on various activities that may be encountered some days
D)  the thought is great, and wearing them backwards,gives more support, and makes for a fun feel on your bottom, reminding you that it needs to be spanked regularly.
How many panties do I own.. maybe twenty or a few more.. variety is the spice of life



Anonymous said...

Not panties, per se, but I often - maybe half the time - wear a thong. I would wear panties if given some.

MRBILL said...

Yes, I have happily worn panties and in fact bought a six pack of plain panties for myself last month. I recently wore a pair of those panties for each day of a whole week.
I fantasize about my wife disposing of all my male underwear and having only panties to wear at all times.

Dan said...

My wife got rid of all my male under ware years ago. I only wear panties. It hasn't been a problem at the gym or doctors office. No one has ever said anything.

otkloverjohn said...

My wife has me wear special "spanking" panties which have sayings on them like - paddle hard, spank here, bad boys get spanked, spank me, etc. Most are bright red so she can match the color of my bottom to them before she is done. I have been spanked in panties my entire life, so this was nothing new for me. I love how soft and sexy panties make me feel, but alas, they definitely offer no protection to my bottom, especially thongs of course.

Anonymous said...

As I have said before on this site I also wear panties. Like Red said they are comfortable and sexy and my wife enjoys seeing me in them. I have a question no one has answered yet. Prior to and at the time this country was being settled in England and Briton men wore silk on the outside what did they wear under their clothes? Silk?
I don't feel silk panties should be women only.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Tried on a pair of my wife's satin type undies, sorry, panties once but never became a fan.


Merryslave said...

Yes, I have worn panties, numerous times. We've shot a few videos that feature me in panties, to start with, before a spanking session.

Njspank said...

Many many times. I lip with bring spanked in panties, nylon is the best to me. Just fun and erotic. I have been made to wear them to work and get spanked later in the day. Hot scene. A lady once put a pair of her slept in panties in a baggie and snuck them into my briefcase. So hot when I found them at work. I love panties just the most erotic garment to me.

Red said...

MrBill: glad you are doing what you like to do. we now purchase panties together at Victoria Secret, sometimes matching but in different sizes. Sales ladies discretely do NOT look at the sizes.

Dan: very fortunate that no one comments at the gym

archedone; no idea on your question! However, I agree that they are comfortable and sexy.

Yorkie; you probably need a different size and fit, so give it a try just for fun

Merryslave: glad you have fun with panties and spanking

Ron; nylon is very smooth and fun to wear, with some lace.
bottoms up

Red said...

otkloverjohn: spanking sayings on panties are fun, specially when about to be spanked. They over no protection whatsoever, and are soon down around my ankles
bottoms up

Red said...

anon; why nor purchase some,a nd surprise that special someone.. it might even get you spanked
bottoms up