on the ninth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me...
12 spanks with the carpet beater.... A present that was sent by Danielle and John, and which Cindy has always found difficult to use. SURPRISE... These past eight days has allowed her to fine tune her swing, her follow through, and the snapping of the wrist, and on a very tenderized bottom, this wa very effective

11 spanks with the Disciplinary Wives Club "old Reliable".  These spanks were given while I was bending at the waist, with abs engaged... As you can see, Cindy really snapped her wrist while applying these spanks, with a long swing of the arm, and a gray spot appearing during these 12 spanks.

Ten spanks with the short tawse, OTK, and my feet were a dancin.

Nine spanks were given  metal studded heart shaped paddle

Eight spanks with the bath brush.

Seven spanks with the leather round shaped paddle

Six spanks with MS. Hurley, and always with a thank you to Danielle for being such a ggood friend

five spanks with the soup stirrer

four spanks with the long tawse (always given with me prone over two pillows on the bed, thus raising my bottom for it's caress
The redness above does not truly show, as the flash whitens everything out. I thanked Cindy for the spanking. Cindy was glowing with a smile from ear to ear, and from the exertion involved in delivering  72 strong spanks.

About this time, one has to wonder what possessed me to think of doing this. It was completely my initiative, and fortunately we did not start twelve days before Christmas, as we have had a few days off due to family visiting.

I also suggested something stupid, which infuriated Cindy, and I was strongly spanked that morning with the soup stirrer, many spanks, lecture, many spanks, pause and then many more spanks. When finishes, Cindy stated this has NOTHING to do with your twelve days of Christmas spankings

smiles for today
and as you step on the scale after all the Christmas and New Year massive meals..

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Just wow.


Anonymous said...

That's what L. got on New Year's Eve... An inspiration? :-)


Anonymous said...

As in the movie cereals of past....Will your bottom ever recover? You have to be sitting very softly at this point.
Be careful of what you ask for Cindy will give it to you.
Very easy solution of the pictures....Open curtain shut off flash. Presto a very red bottom.

Anonymous said...


Cat said...

I do have to wonder what you were thinking, Red! Sit gently and have a lovely 2017!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Three more days to go! The "Italian bridle" will be added to the menu tonight - and I am told that B's "special" paddle will be featured on Jan. 6 in the final recap when all twelve "tools" will be used in succession!


Red said...

Marco: very WOW.
J: great minds think alike..
archedone: Cindy has always stated be careful what you ask for, you just might get it... and yes, no flash from now on..
Cheryl: I would gladly post a photo of your bare red bottom after being spanked, so please send me one... :) A woman's bottom is far more enjoyable to look at...
Cat: it appears that thinking may NOT be my strong point... Happy New Year to you also
L: tomorrow will be a very hot day at your house.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

B. and I went easy with L. tonight (using the kitchen spoon), but tomorrow (12th night!) will indeed be "hot" for his derrière, starting with B's paddle followed by a recap of all twelve previously used 'tools'. Even at the rate of 6+6 (from each of us) - on top of all the previous daily 'helpings'- this is a 'season' he will surely remember!


Red said...

J: a hot time for certain. Happy holidays
bottoms up