male submissive thoughts for the day

I have always enjoyed captioned photos. Some of the captions are very true. If you are male and somewhat submissive, this is so very true.
Hopefully, your wife will say....
I accept whenever Cindy states I need to be spanked, and spanking me sometimes makes Cindy wet
I love orally bringing her to a climax, so this
is quite natural
Cindy does not enjoy this, so we don't do it, although I would have no reservations

Another wonderful idea if you have yet to try it....
 and if you climax first, then

and even if Cindy has climaxed, this is still fun..
Do you do any of these (submissive ?) ideas, or maybe we should say these aspects of a knowledgeable lover?
bottoms up


Merryslave said...

I enjoy captioned photos. I enjoy captioning photos, myself.
Merry decides when to spank me, tho' sometimes I have to remind her!
I often thank her by giving her oral sex. She almost always has me clean her .... out with my tongue after intercourse.

Anonymous said...

I have loved licking her back door but she does not enjoy it so the very few times she allows it now are far and few. She has always enjoyed sucking me after we have sex and that was how I got into licking her after. Her words if I can lick you after you can lick me. The first few times yuck but now I like it. We have not tried 69 after sex maybe I can suggest it.

Anonymous said...

well, of course Lindsay get's her climax through oral pleasure. But anal stuff with my face.....not really my thing.
Lindsay does seem to get aroused from spanking me, though.
Best wishes,


Baxter said...

my wife resisted spanking me for years. but she relented and started spanking me and mentioned that it got her wet. AHA, finally. and after she spanks me, she gets off really nicely.

Njspank said...

Love them. I love making her cum orally after I get spanked

Merryslave said...

Number 4, 6, 7 yes!

Red said...

merryslave: every part of your relatinship sounds delightful.

archedone: Cindy does not like me kissing her back door either. Licking her with my cum in her is delightful, or if I cum in her mouth, she gives me a juicy french kiss immediately afterwards.

Marco; glad Lindsay gets aroused by spanking you.

Baxter: delightful

Ron; as do i

Merryslave excellent choices
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Love pciture #3. Her naked figure with the slingback heels, she's in motion towards him, and his postion. Wonderful.

All the best,


Red said...

Matt: a delightful picture, and being bound in place is amazing
bottoms up