Ladies CONSENSUAL bottom tanning day

Wouldn't this be a delightful day for many readers, if we could make this a day celebrated globally.  Requirements might be a before and after photo

but some might then make her put her panties back on, simply to enjoy removing them for her
A hair brush is always a good selection to start with
As a gentleman, you should pause during the spanking to caress for both people's enjoyment

enjoy altering positions during the spanking
and alter implements for a different feel
dangling over the knee is excellent to encourage the feet to be dancing
and if you use the cane, make certain nice lines develop on her bottom
Thus, gentleman, enjoy the selection of position
and photographing the result
Fortunately, I have friends who remind me about Love Our Lurkers, so maybe someone might leave a comment about national spanking day.
This is simply a fun post, as many women spanking bloggers enjoy being spanked.
Next Wednesday I will propose a national men get spanked day.
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Nothing nicer than a warm woman's spanked bottom to hold onto when the real fun begins. So much fun to color and bring warmth as it is to enhance the dessert portion of the meal.

Joe said...

What a fantastic idea!

j.stern said...

Nice idea.
Isn't it StrictJulie on the first one ? Sexy ass selfie!

an English Rose said...

Good idea! I'm in,lol
love Jan, xx

Dan said...

Everyday is a spanking day in our house.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll admit it. My first thought - with the first picture - of Ladies Consensual Bottom Tanning Day was of actual Tanning. Like at a Tanning Salon.


Cat said...

Happy National Women Get Spanked Day, Red. Looking forward to what you share with us for the National Men Get Spanked Day. :D

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Baxter said...

great photos of sexy spankable women in many creative positions

Anonymous said...

A woman's bottom is a beautiful site and more so after spanking.

Red said...

anon: very true
Joe: run with it and see where it gets you.
Sterni: glad you liked it. i do not think it is Julie
Jan: hope you directed your husband to the post..
Dan: everyday might be a tad overwhelming.
Matt: gotcha
Cat: next week, and are you in agreement to participate on both days?
Baxter: you are welcome
archedone: very true
bottoms up

Red said...

NJSPANK left the following comment:
"Love it. Yes spanking tans a ladies bottom nicely. I always spank over the panty to start and to end but that is my kink.
My apologies Ron, the cursor when I went to hit publish was slightly low and hit delete.. red
your method sounds delightful