Kitchen spanking utensils

Many of my on the spot spankings occur in the kitchen. Thee is a plethora of implements readily available, and a simple "Bare your bottom and bend over" makes a spanking so easy to give.

but OTK is also easily available, for a very thorough spanking with a wooden spoon
Of course, a hand is always available and effective
and this size of spoon is rather FRIGHTENING
So enjoy yourself, take your time and make that entire bottom RED
and this gif certainly shows how I sometimes am dancing when applied rapidly first thing in the morning
Now if you intend to continue the spanking after you turn off the stove and other sundry tasks, this might be a way to keep the spankee knowing the spanking is not over
So many chairs and stools exist in the kitchen
such that OTK is always possible
and counters are meant to be bent over...
of course, spanking enthusiasts keep some spanking implements in the kitchen when they really want to be effective


bottoms up


kdpierre said...

When we were visiting Peru, we found a wooden spoon that is the Grand-daddy of all wooden spoons! The thing is 21" from end to end and the spoon portion is 4" in diameter. it is as hefty as the sturdiest of wooden bath-brushes. We bought it and I decorated it with some design elements and my name in the center. It hangs from a plaque in our kitchen that refers to the thing as Rosa's Medicinal Spoon- and explains how it is the cure for certain misbehaviors. It is in plain sight and yet only a couple of people ever mentioned it. ;-) (oh, and it hurts like you wouldn't believe!)

Anonymous said...

Most of my spankings take place in the kitchen. Has used kitchen items, but has a nice large paddle hanging on the wall.
She likes to enjoy her work and so the kitchen is the best place, coffee, to enjoy with the view. I hate it, naked facing the wall, one of her friends could drop in, have, heard me a mile away.

Dan said...

I've had many spankings in the kitchen. It's so easy for my wife to pull out a chair and grab a wooden spoon and put me over her knee for a sound spanking.

Cat said...

Great tour of the kitchen and its weapons of m'ass destruction, Red. Love the rock bottom picture...you beat me to posting it. LOL Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Baxter said...

spatulas are also good. we seem to have four spatulas in the kitchen. Not that I get spanked much with them, but it could happen.

Njspank said...

That first picture. Oh my

Anonymous said...

Who knew there was a crack in the wooden spoon BEFORE it broke and went flying across the room while my wife was using it on my bottom? Fortunately, the spatula was handy.

Red said...

kdpierre: wish you had purchased more of them, so you could have sent me one. Sounds awesome.
Dan: so very true. My kitchen spankings are simply bare your bottom and bend over the counter.
Cat: m'ass (wonderful my ass) destruction. Post the rock bottom anyways
Baxter: live and dream
Ron: serious spanking about to occur.
anon:more than one way to spank someone.. glad your partner was not deterred.
bottoms up

Red said...

anon; best that you behave, specially if you are in the kitchen
bottoms up