joys and worries of spankings

Just a fun post on my part...It must be a pleasure to spank a tall woman
BUT can anyone explain why he is wearing pants????????????????
 The worry begins as you wait naked on the bed for your spanking to begin, which to me is worse than standing in the corner

 However, having a spanking paused while your spanker talks on the telephone is frightening! Might she state what she was interrupted from, or if you readjust yourself on her lap might she give a few loud spanks and tell you to stay still until she has finished on the telephone for the remainder of your spanking!!!!
Possibly worse, is that you are told to stay put while the door is answered, and you hear a friend or relative, who most likely is going to be invited in.... and watch the remainder of your spanking

Lastly, the worry begins when you are told to bare yourself below the waist, and bring me the hair brush!
 or bring me the wooden spoon
bottoms up
and smile



Baxter said...

If I had that spankable woman across my lap, I would be naked also, just to make the encore faster. But anticipating a spanking is an interesting subject. My wife orders me to the lower back bedroom and to get ready for the spanking and then she takes her time showing up. I am thinking of how painful it will be, what she is going to use, while at the same time looking forward to the after spanking warmth and residual pain. all good.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's wearing pants because he doesn't look good in a skirt? LOL. When waiting for a spanking for me it depends on the type of spanking. If I'm getting a punishment lots of butterflies and knowing there will be lots of ouches and ows and kicking. If it's an erotic spanking I can't wait to get started.

Njspank said...

Another classic is the lady on the phone with the lady waiting over her knee waiting for the brush on her panty. Love it

Red said...

Baxter: anxious worry is part of the thrill, and fear of being spanked. What implement, how severe, etc...

archedone: yes, a real discipline spanking is butterflies in the stomach

Ron: it is quite delightful, and a classic
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

If we plan it, such as a weekend away, it can be months of anticioation for me. Sometimes that can be distracting but mostly it realky starts to kick in a few days before. All my spankings are erotic, fun type so the buold up can be excruciating at times.
There are times though when my wife suggests we play and then the anticipation is unbearable, even if it is only a few minutes.

So, really, no worries!


Cat said...

The way her boobs are between his legs in that first picture is a bit scary...that could be painful. Ouch! Always hated waiting for a spanking and being sent for the weapon of m'ass destruction was worse! The password giggle is cute. Thanks for sharing, Red.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

yorkie: enjoy, thanks for sharing

Cat: very true,hanging without support in that manner. I would much prefer having them resting on my bare legs. waiting adds a delicious torment.
bottoms up