day 12 of Christmas spankings

Day 12 happened, and I am lucky that many days elapsed between some of the spankings. These lapses were not deliberate, just caused by family visiting, and other per-occupations.

Day 12 was planned, but circumstances evolved so that it was postponed one day. Cindy was reasonably thrilled at that, so that she could savor the moment more.

The next day, when I walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Cindy greeted me even more warmly than normal, with a grin from ear to ear, and patted my bottom a couple of times while we kissed.  

A few more pats during the day, and Cindy stated it would be best to wait until after dinner for day 12. Cindy even called me later from the mall saying she was on her way home, and do not forget our plans for this evening.

I selected the leather five fingered black tawse type.
The color does not show, as we had to use a flash
We used a variety of positions, and Cindy made certain to make every spank count. The lovemaking after was simply beyond words.

One reflection: Cindy has learned how to spank hard, and effectively. Beware what you wish for. I now know why the holey implement is called "the Holy Terror". I cannot imagine doing this twelve days consecutively!

Here is the collection of implements used for the twelve days of Christmas! Day one starts on the right, moving to the left as each day progressed.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

You've got a present that just keeps giving, haha.


Anonymous said...

Nice collection! I experienced eight of them over the Xmas season -along with another four to which you may not (yet) have been "introduced" (e.g. the martinet, the maple switches...and the kitchen spoon?) J. and B. took turns over each of the 12 days - with a 'recap' of 6x2 each day, of course! - which means that by Jan. 6 ('el dia de los Reyes') my derrière was seriously bruised - but J. has decreed a 2-week 'truce'... which has now come to a end, so that standard discipline may be resumed at any time, if 'needed' (and probably will be over the coming weekend!)


Baxter said...

will this be an annual event, Red?

Anonymous said...

Very nice collection of implements. You are sore and well spanked but I have a feeling kind of sad the 12 days are over. Cindy seems to have enjoyed this type of spanking more as I'm sure you did. Taking the role of Johnny Carson and Carnack. I see more of this type of spanking I your and Cindy's future.

Red said...

Marco: very true
L: Your spankings are too harsh for me, but as long as consensual, enjoy. We do not permit bruising. I was lucky that they were not given in twelve days, but aas you have read over three weeks.
Baxter: Let me get back to you on that... will you koin me if I suggest it next year?

archedone: Carnak is very CORRECT...
bottoms up