day 11 spanking

It has been more than a week since we continued the 12 days of Christmas spanking. This day 11 happened on January 15.
The first rule, if you ever try this, is 



Yesterday, we added the "Holy Terror" a wooden paddle whit multiple holes in it, which I purchased a long time ago from Aunt Kays DWC website. It is no longer available.

We had discussed in the morning that this could be day eleven, but Cindy would decide after she came home from going out with a friend. Fine, as I had football to watch,.

When Cindy arrived home, her first words with a smile from ear to ear was that " This is day eleven"..  She has always stated be careful what you wish for, and takes great deight in reminding me of this.

I have described previously, so will refrain today, except to say multiple positions were used for my bare bottom to be spanked... OTK (chair), bending at the waist (abs engaged), kneeling on a chair while upright (really allows quite significant bath brush spanks)on the bed with a pillow inderneath to raise my bottom. Cindy propped against the backboard of the bed with me prone otk...

We did not take a picture as it was dark and would have needed a flash. My bottom has been sore and stinging all day, and I feel it significantly while typing. Glad the chair is padded.

The only drawback is Cindy was quite disappointed only using a couple of implements for two spanks, or three, or four.

Why not give this a try..... I think you will  enjoy (????) it.

bottoms up
PS: the sex afterwards was amazingly outstanding.


Anonymous said...

That's what I'd call 'stretching' the Christmas season! What do you have in mind for Lent? :-)


Anonymous said...

I don't think you have been spanked this often before, your bottom has to be really tender. Unless I'm wrong it appears Cindy is enjoying this more. Have you discussed getting spanked more often?

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

could you describe, or gives us a clue about how your wife looks like? You know, body composure. Maybe you can tell us that she looks like this or that person, so we can look it up on google and wrap our minds a bit around it. For example, my wife Lindsay looks a bit like mrs Strictland. Dark hair, a bit plus size, nice chest, shorter build. You catch my drift. Just a request. Best wishes, Marco & Lindsay.

Red said...

L: stretching the 12 days was the best thing I ever thought of, although it was circumstances beyond our control that caused it. No idea for Lent, but for certain it will NOT be give up being spanked

archedone: we will discuss it, and Cindy has NEVER spanked like this before,and really enjoys it

Marco and Lindsay: someone like the happy lady with the hairbrush in her hand,smiling, in pyjamas, but forty years older and a few pounds more, but truly gorgeous.
bottoms up