consensual spanking day for men

totally my own idea, but if we have  a day when women should be consensually spanked, then it makes sense so that a week later men have the same delightful activity.

Here are a few ideas for the ladies, as to why they should be spanking their man. TODAY...

I am certain most submissive men would love this ...
The above caption could be very true....
The idea of a woman showing you she is in charge can be a huge turn-on for both the dominant woman, and equally sexually stimulating for submissive men.

Seeing your wife holding her mornig cup of coffee today will give it's own thrill.
This is just a great photo, and Cindy is becoming more and more sexually turned on by spanking me,and also enjoying dealing with any misbehavior ASAP

The knowledge that I find spankings sexually stimulating
and that she decides whether we have sex afterwards or simply stand in the corner
where she can admire her handiwork with implements
gives her extra confidence in being dominant.

So LADIES, you might decide to try one or more of the following:

Without a word, simply go to the spanking chair and point (this will send a delicious shiver through both participants
decide in advance whether you want to start with your hand
or maybe that dreaded spoon. See how delightfully it marks a withe bottom when used repeatedly on one spot
then maybe change positions and use a leather paddle
and/or  a wooden hair brush
Maybe today is the day you try that new TAWSE
or relax and slowly let the leather strap make him dance
The choice is yours, you can dress for the part, and savor his expression
but only for the serious aficionados 
Simply delight in the opportunity as much as  THIS LADY SEEMS DELIGHTED 

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

For this male, be naked over a woman's lap and given the spanking of their life, dancing around afterwards, having the face the corner. Life does not get any better.

Cat said...

Whoa! Got a feeling some of those fellas are not gonna be sittin' easy for a while! Oh I do love the bargain hunter picture...much better than animal heads Thanks for sharing, Red.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I was naked over my wife's lap a few weeks ago and got the best (hardest) spanking of my life to date. It was magnificent and I want to have another one just like it. Right now...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with all the pictures. Picture 1 covers so many of my spankings. She just wants to entertain herself by watching my cheeks bouncing and turning red. Different positions is also a must as each implement feels different in different positions. Also like the spoon picture. Am I wrong does he have panties at his knees? That is the view R would have when spanking. But at the end of the spanking instead of standing in a corner she desires display position with me on my knees and elbows legs spread gives her a good view of everything. Very good post thank you Red.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jessica Wood is pure kryptonite.


Baxter said...

it is the weekend and I know I will be over my wife's knee or bent over the bed with her wielding the thick wooden paddle.

Red said...

anon; very true
Cat: I always sleep on my stomach, and sometimes with a extra special reason.
Yorkie; patience young man, patience
archedone; thanks for the great description of your spanking lifestyle
marco: very true
baxter: Yikes..have fun
bottoms up