male submissive thoughts for the day

I have always enjoyed captioned photos. Some of the captions are very true. If you are male and somewhat submissive, this is so very true.
Hopefully, your wife will say....
I accept whenever Cindy states I need to be spanked, and spanking me sometimes makes Cindy wet
I love orally bringing her to a climax, so this
is quite natural
Cindy does not enjoy this, so we don't do it, although I would have no reservations

Another wonderful idea if you have yet to try it....
 and if you climax first, then

and even if Cindy has climaxed, this is still fun..
Do you do any of these (submissive ?) ideas, or maybe we should say these aspects of a knowledgeable lover?
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panties re-visited

I wear panties sometimes, as do some of my male readers, and I imagine all the women who read this blog. So here are some fantasies for today's posting.
What would you say if your wife asked you the following?
Imagining the following scenario is, however, a bit of a LONG stretch. 

Cindy does comment some time on the panties, and I have suggested she might like to tell me to put panties on, because you are going to be spanked later today. I|t has not happened.
Why wear panties sometimes?
A) silk or nylon is sexy, as opposed to cotton
B) why deny yourself the submissive thrill of wearing something society would DISAPPROVE OF!
C) This would be wonderful, but everyday is not possible,as men need more support  than panties give, on various activities that may be encountered some days
D)  the thought is great, and wearing them backwards,gives more support, and makes for a fun feel on your bottom, reminding you that it needs to be spanked regularly.
How many panties do I own.. maybe twenty or a few more.. variety is the spice of life



Fun pegging thoughts

I enjoy pegging, but we do it only infrequently, like maybe once or twice a year. Obviously, it is consensual, so can be discussed gently and lovingly. it could be introduced as an experiment.
It is a submissive act, but a very enjoyable one.
Positioned properly, you are part of the activity, and a active participant
and yes, i have climaxed while being pegged
Of course, it can be done with a feigned (or real) dominant attitude
Have you ever been pegged?
Do you like it if you have been pegged?
IF you have never been pegged, would you like to be pegged?
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garage sales

Always expect to find a treasure every now and then when browsing garage sales
Great thought for today
The above is the Christmas present outfit we should have given our wives, instead of AN IRONING TABLE
The result might have been delightfully this
instead of this

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The tawse

I highly recommend that you consider purchasing a tawse. The short is ideal for OTK, and the long is ideal for standing or prone on the bed. Ours came from http://www.cane-iac.com/
It is easy to use, and very, very effective.
Pictures of it's use are not that prevalent, but one site is

However, we never do anything to the hand, which was a practice in schools eons ago. For older people like ourselves, hands are delicate, but THEY ARE ALSO DELICATE FOR CHILDREN, AND THAT SHOULD NEVER BE DONE.
thought for the day


guide to a happy home

As winter drags on, sometimes the blues set in. This winter blues only applies to northern climes, but the solution is always easy...
A woman can spank those blues away
by just reaching into the drawer for a handy spanking implement
and the initial set of blues
will start to make you smile
and lead to outright amusement as  he kicks and dances
 and your satisfaction will be assured with the brush to the seat of the problem
 so, choose to be be happy today
and then everyone will be smiling

bottoms up


Kitchen spanking utensils

Many of my on the spot spankings occur in the kitchen. Thee is a plethora of implements readily available, and a simple "Bare your bottom and bend over" makes a spanking so easy to give.

but OTK is also easily available, for a very thorough spanking with a wooden spoon
Of course, a hand is always available and effective
and this size of spoon is rather FRIGHTENING
So enjoy yourself, take your time and make that entire bottom RED
and this gif certainly shows how I sometimes am dancing when applied rapidly first thing in the morning
Now if you intend to continue the spanking after you turn off the stove and other sundry tasks, this might be a way to keep the spankee knowing the spanking is not over
So many chairs and stools exist in the kitchen
such that OTK is always possible
and counters are meant to be bent over...
of course, spanking enthusiasts keep some spanking implements in the kitchen when they really want to be effective


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