The reason I was spanked

All inclusive beach vacations are fun, because there is not a lot to do except swim, frolic in the ocean, walk on the beach, eat good meals, drink wine and cerveza, be entertained, read a book, sight see if available, and make love.

Oh yes, thee is also the opportunity for some pictures of the ocean
the beach,

and the people walking on the beach.
and enjoying the visions of beauty looking at the palm trees
also there are aerobatic classes
that have everyone bouncing
 and swaying
 to the beat
 and people at the bar or signaling for a cerveza from a distance

People catching the rays on their bottoms (so many of us would volunteer to redden those cheeks anytime)

but sadly, as the sun begins to set, and the last parachute takes-off
We must leave the beach for today

Now, those were some entertaining days, but Cindy took exception, and thus I was spanked.  She expressed the opinion that I can look, but should not be taking photos, which has some merit. However, if discretely taken from a distance, and then zoomed in and editing off most of the picture, i feel it does no harm. In addition, it encourages other women  to realize that many many men would find their bottom equally as attractive, and thus not have the modesty of our upbringing so long ago still controlling our behavior and dress.

We are in our sixties, but Cindy, on my encouragement,still wears a bikini on vacation,when we are not with family. I think she looks great...

I more prefer the Irish sense of humor, and NEVER TAKE LIFE SERIOUSLY!
Bottom line:
Bare bottom OTK with the wooden bath brush giving my bottom a very healthy version of a deep red sunburn. We had a music station on the tv to drown out some of the noise, but if anyone walked by or was in an adjacent room, (above, below, left or right), I am certain they would have heard the spanks, the lecture, and my owwws. The only thing they would have missed was seeing my feet dance to the music of the brush. The room echoes due to hard tile floors.
It was a quite significant spanking, and the love making later that day was glorious.

No pictures, and as I do not wear a speedo, no one saw my red bottom on the beach.  Would I walk on a nude beach the day after being spanked, or the same day if spanked in the morning? Yes, if Cindy permitted or required it. 

The day later, Cindy had words very similar to this
and I was spanked once more in the seven day vacation!
This could have been Cindy's words
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Wow. Great pictures and the looking was well worth the spankings no doubt. Nice.
Pics remind me of Aruba!

Anonymous said...

What beach?

Pic #3: I was walking the beach with my 3-year old Godson in Waikiki years ago. Two late-20's women walk past us. Basically wearing nipple 'covers' with straps for tops and dental floss for bottoms. For all practical reasons they were naked. Imagination? No need for that! Godson sees that and starts to laugh!!! And then point!! I'm smiling ear to ear at that and slowed the pace to get some distance. So Godson picked up the pace to follow them! That's when I said time to turn around. I still wonder if those women heard his laughter or knew he was pointing at their, essentially, bare bottoms?

"The only thing they would have missed was seeing my feet dance to the music of the brush."

Heh-heh-heh... My name for that is "Dancing on the ceiling" after the Lionel Ritchie song of the same name. The lyrics come very close to what happened to you:

Man what in the world is happening down
At the end of the hall?
I don't have a clue?
Let's check this thing out!
Oh, what a feeling
When we're dancing on the ceiling


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Where are these beaches? Where I live even the sharks wouldn't be interested in biting any of the bottoms that walk the sand.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find these beaches? Where I live even the sharks wouldn't bite the bottoms that walk the sands. They sure don't look like your photos.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I always dance best when J. uses the martinet...


Baxter said...

nice sexy spankable female bottoms in all sizes. great place you found Red.

Red said...

Ron; yes, it was worth it. This was in the Dominican Republic, but would be any Caribbean island.

AJ: glad you have had similar fun experiences. Thanks for sharing.

Hands 63: Punta Cana in Dominican Republic... Take a walk on the wild side...

L: I am dancing a lot lately
Baxter: definitely a nice place to relax
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Thanks, have to visit there one day. Sure beats Coney Island

Red said...

you are welcome
bottoms up