Red is thoroughly spanked

As you may have guessed, the day after Cindy had been spanked, I was quite significantly spanked. I am in no way complaining, as I wish Cindy would spank me more often, for a happier marriage.

I know that at times (often), I can be quite dominant in my opinions as what we should be doing, and many features of life. This issues are easily controlled by a spanking. 'I also have a tendency when stressed to raise my voice, and this can be controlled by Cindy, simply with a upraised eyebrow, or by simply stating "notch"

The scenario was my having to retrieve Ms. Hurley, a bath brush, and Cindy's favorite heart shaped metal studded paddle.

Cindy started by having me stand in the corner for ten minutes, with my pants around my ankles. This does increase your awareness, being partially undressed, and simply wearing panties.

Cindy, eventually, (or that is what it feels like standing there), came in to the bedroom, and called me over for my spanking.  she patted her lap, and i lowered my panties and bared, bent over her lap.

Cindy started with Ms. Hurley, with a definite delight in her voice, of how Danielle would be happy at her using this. Ms. Hurley descended with strength, slowly spanking one cheek, then on to the other, and back again. Every spank was really felt and my feet and legs were dancing, and I was owwing from the first few spanks. Many spanks late, cindy stopped to inform me as to reason for my spanking.

Ouch!!!! If the lecture was only starting, Cindy was still holding the first implement. After the lecture, the spanking re-commenced.

After a little while, Cindy then paused and switched to the leather paddle, which she used with vigor. It was as though she had just started, enthusiastic and wanting to get a reaction, which that implement certainly achieves. the way it nudges between the cheeks.

Cindy eventually stopped, stating that my face was very red, as the head down towards the floor was causing this redness.

Spanking finished? Absolutely NOT. Cindy stated lets move to the bed, and promptly sat on the bed, beckoning me over her knee, prone on the bed.

Cindy now stated it was time for the bath brush, and WOW!!! I think this was the hardest spanks of the trio. i was owwing and feet dancing, and i believe a few tears formed in my eyes.

Cindy finally stopped, and expressed pleasure at how red my bottom was, but then decided that the top of my bottom was still quite white. I offered (reluctantly) that leather at the top of my bottom is safe, but wood COULD CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY!

Cindy delighted in using this rapidly with strength for a couple of minutes.

This is the strongest Cindy has ever spanked me, and it was effective. Payback is a bitch some might say, if you have read how I spanked Cindy the day before.
I now know  what people mean when they say that their bottom feels like it has been stung by bees, as it was a constant prickly stinging pins and needles feeling for the remainder of the day.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and shortly thereafter the loving making was out of this world. ..

The next morning, my bottom was still quite pink, and after my shower, extremely red.

A photo tells the story better than a thousand words.
bottoms up


otkloverjohn said...

I do so agree with you. Standing in the corner BEFORE the spanking begins with only your panties on certainly lets you think about what it going to be happening to your, soon to be bare, bottom. Then of course, you have to resume the nose and toes position after the spanking with your bright red bare bottom on display for her to admire.

Martin said...

A wonderful wife, like mine. A red bottom works wonders for over agression! I know and sport a very sore rear at this moment.

Joe said...

Great story Red. Does Cindy Gove lessons? Have gotten a couple of mild spankings from my wife but not a real satisfying one like this. Think I can talk Cindy into teaching her?

Anonymous said...

Cindy really knows how to get a reaction from you when spanking. I'm sure you were very sorry when she stopped. Depending on what I did wrong there would have been follow up spankings during the rest of the day. and very possibly I would have been in just my panties for the day giving her quick and easy access to my bottom. I've had a many as 5 spankings in one day.

Anonymous said...

You are indeed a fortunate man my friend.

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

Dear Red, I am so happy that young got every thing you deserve. I hope you get another blistered bottom this week end. Robin will for sure get one that will have him crying. Love Jan

Baxter said...

payback can be a bitch or it can be a satisfied well spanked bottom.

Anonymous said...

Dear Red,
You can take a lot... AND you deserve it. I'm well known with the effect Ms Hurley and the bathbrush can have. What a delight to read Cindy enjoyed it so much.

The best,

Anonymous said...

It looks like you got off easy.

Red said...

otkloverjohn: sounds perfect for a more serious spanking.

Martin: a sore bottom does smooth over many problems

Joe: NO, but stay with the program... Maybe have her read some of the disciplinary wives club, ignoring the brutal, but gaining some incite which their is plenty. A link is on the side below my favorite spanking sites. Plus, for whatever reason you are spanked, make certain it does not happen again, so she learns that you are doing your utmost to make the spanking effective.

archedone: you are a lucky (??? unlucky) man

Yorkie: yes I am

Jan: Jan: I did, and if Robin deserves it, so should he.

Baxter: both

Danielle: so very nice to hear from you. I must thank you again for Ms. Hurley, but Cindy's praise and satisfaction while using it, is not mirrored by me while receiving it's caress. Cindy thanks you every time she uses it, and also likes to say what a thoughtful and loving friend we have, and she is certain that she would be happy to know how effective it is. Thank you for sending it to us.

anon: depends on your point of view.. we do spanking, not brutality

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Yes, Danielle, that "Ms Hurley" is always fun to use! And it is true that I always tell Red how lucky we are to have such a generous friend as you! I always try to live up to your standards when I use it!


Red said...

Cindy: thank you for commenting on my blog, and you do definitely live up to Danielle's standards, and surpass them at times.
bottoms up