on the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me

To add additional submissiveness to the spanking, i suggested that each implement be used in a different position, as one sees so many different spanking positions on the web.

Twelve spanks with the leather heart shaped metal studded paddle over the knee while sitting on the spanking chair.
Eleven spanks with the bath brush while bending at the waist, hands on the bed
Ten spanks with the leather paddle while lying on the bed, with Cindy sitting (gently) on my legs facing my bottom  (cowgirl style)  (Picture is the paddle, not the position)
Nine spanks with Ms. Hurley while prone on the bed, this time Cindy sitting  (gently) on my back facing my feet.. (reverse cowgirl)

Eight spanks with the wooden soup stirrer while bending at the waist, hands on the dresser

and Seven spanks with the Long Tawse while prone on the bed, with two pillows raising my bottom for the caress of the long tawse...
The lessons taught have been
Day 1: Ears open, mouth closed
Day 2: Control your drinking at social events
Day 3: No politics
Day 4: Help Cindy lessen her stress
Day 5: Be careful with the type of jokes you tell
Day 6: Encourage Cindy to go to the gym, not discourage

My bottom was on fire when the spanking ended, and truly, I have never experienced this before. The accumulated spanks over the last six days have had there effect

In reality, this is actually eight days, as the day before we started Cindy spanked me significantly, and one day during this time we did not have time for the ritual, so Cindy just did a small BATH BRUSH spanking before going to dinner at a friend's house.
While writing this on the Seventh day of Christmas, my bottom still is pinkish red on both cheeks, and it was quite significantly red when i showered earlier in the morning.
The picture uses a flash, but you can see the significant ashen part on both cheeks

We made love afterwards, and it was fabulous. I was wondering if the spankings might inhibit my erection, but no such worry existed..


bottoms up


Baxter said...

I agree with the first picture and my wife is taking it to heart. She has spanked me with the wooden paddle every day. Last night after eight spanks, she brought up something I did 25 years or so ago and gave me another 10 spanks. All I will say is that I do deserve the spanking for not obeying her those many years ago and the message got through. I think she is going to continue spanking me for that stupid thing for a while and so the lesson will be repeated.

Anonymous said...

R and I love changing positions during a spanking. Kneeling on a chair while bent over the back rest, bent over the sofa arm rest and standing with my bottom arched out are some of our fun ones.

Anonymous said...

Another round for Red!

Greetings, Marco

Njspank said...

Amazing couple. Love it

Red said...

anon: have fun

archedone: it is both a fun thing to do, and fun role playing dominant and submissive

Marco: With more to come

Ron; why be average
bottoms up