on the eighth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me...   A spanking  and we each had a FABULOUS ORGASM

ASIDE:  in case you do not read anything written, CINDY IS ENJOYING THIS EVENT IMMENSELY. She has stated, with a grin from ear to ear that almost time for your spanking. With a gleeful tone to her voice:" what day is that now? I reply appropriately. "So, how many implements do I get to use today?   I reply appropriately. " Oh, so we have more implements?" Yes dear. "Oh, goody." At various stages as we move from one implement to the next, it is like a child in a candy shop: "Oh, I really like this one!. Do you like it?"  Yes dear! When we are finished, she is smiling for quite a long time afterwards, with a warm glow on her face. My glow is much hotter, and on a different part of my body.

A variety of  positions are used, so that it is somewhat of a new spanking, and, in addition, although I help choose the position, it allows the submissiveness of me dutifully placing my bottom in whatever position the dominant person has decided.
12 spanks with the Disciplinary Wives Club "old Reliable". This was actually on Christmas day, as family was not coming to our house until much later in the day.  I thought it would be suitable, as it was the first spanking implement deliberately purchased for spanking, and it was purchased after Cindy agreed to spank me. We had read many items on the dwc website, and I had purchased some of their manuals. These spanks were given while I was bending at the waist, with abs engaged... As you can see, Cindy really snapped her wrist while applying these spanks, with a long swing of the arm, and a gray spot appearing during these 12 spanks.
The next eleven were with the short tawse, OTK, and my feet were jerking very quickly. Cindy went higher on my cheeks, causing the white area to redden  (always given OTK, for maximum effect and feet jerking applause)
Ten spanks were given  metal studded heart shaped paddle
Nine spanks with the bath brush as shown

Eight spanks with the leather round shaped paddle

seven spanks with MS. Hurley, and now Cindy is gushing with joy on such a nice implement to use, so satisfying, and so very, very nice that Danielle sent it to us... Isn't that right? Yes, dear!
six spanks with the soup stirrer
five spanks with the long tawse (always given with me prone over two pillows on the bed, thus raising my bottom for it's caress
The redness above does not truly show, as the flash whitens everything out. I thanked Cindy for the spanking. Cindy was glowing with a smile from ear to ear, and the exertion involved in delivering  68 strong spanks.

Cindy had showered, and was wearing a robe, before she started spanking me. We moved back to the spanking chair, where Cindy sat down, and I positioned myself on my knees, between her legs. I gently kissed and caressed, as the passion grew.  I gently opened the robe, to nibble and kiss my way down to her breasts, and then eventually down to her pussy. Cindy was sitting on the edge of the chair! Kneeling on the floor, between Cindy's thighs, I lapped and licked and sucked and slowly felt her orgasm building....

Okay, if anyone is actually reading this, it is an AMAZING position to try.  The passion grows more intense from the submissiveness of being spanked and being kneeling on the floor,, and the dominance of having spanked, and now being pleasured in a position of dominance.
Your tongue can do amazing things in this position! I brought into play the broad top of my tongue, not just the tip. Cindy built and had a couple of minor little orgasms, but the tension in her body  assured me there was more to come! Continuing, plus doing some of the alphabet, Cindy proceeded  to have a SCREAMING CONVULSIVE ORGASM that was absolutely mind blowing and long lasting. I would modestly it is the best multiple orgasm I have ever helped her achieve.

When Cindy finally regained her sensuous composure, we switched places, with me now on the chair,and Cindy between my knees.  My orgasm was immense also, and long lasting.

The next morning, with no flash,. my bottom was still VERY RED.
Not being totally foolish, I asked that we take a picture between each set of spanks, thus giving my bottom a slight breather. However, then Cindy was even more refreshed for the next round.

However, I promise never to bore you with a stage by stage spanking pictures of my bottom again.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

How long must you stand, displaying your spanked bottom?

Njspank said...

You guys are totally amazing. Love it. And the orgasms post spankings are so intense. Totally jealous.
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

We only play spank each other, but when it is her spanking me, when the spanking is over and I'm on my knees rubbing my pink butt, she will lean back and tell me that I have to thank her, 'properly', if-you-know-what-I-mean-and-I-think-you-do.

Always fun. I do willingly and, after a few minutes of moaning I'll hear, "Go in..." and I do. All a good time.


Anonymous said...

Since you started posting the 12 days of Christmas you have stated a few times how happy Cindy is to be giving spankings like this. Could your spankings be turning a page? As I've said before the most I've had is a three day spanking. Have you noticed that with each day your bottom is more tender or have you recovered from the last spanking? The pictures in this post are in my opinion no where near boring. We don't do it much any more but R used take a picture of my bottom after each implement and you can really see the difference in color. I enjoyed you posting after each implement. I would suggest when she does take a picture don't use flash as we had the same problem with the flash making my bottom look less red. I know what you mean about servicing her after spanking and the submissive feeling you have. When I do that I want to spend as much time between her legs licking as I can.
Wonderful post Red & Cindy. As a P.S. I've noticed Cindy does not post here would she give some thought to posting how she felt giving the 12 days of Christmas, a woman's view is always nice.

ronnie said...

Cindy certainly is enjoying herself.

Happy New Year to you both. Hope 2017 is a fantastic year for you.


Anonymous said...

J. & B. apparently have a "surprise" for me for New Year's Eve (which is day #7 in our 12-days calendar)... and I am sure it's something I will remember!


Red said...

anon; really no corner time after a spanking, occasionally before.

Ron: volunteer for the twelve days of christmas in the winter, just for the fun of it.

A.J. sounds delightful, but maybe you should suggest a more real spanking sometime your partner is unhappy with you. Nothing to lose...

archedone: yes, I think the spankings are turning a page, to more frequent and real intense spankings. My bottom is definitely more tender, and feeling sore throughout the day. My bottom is red after a shower the next day,and the second day. Glad you liked the photo reddening, and we will take without flash in the future in the daytime.
I do try to make the build-up to orgasm slowly, but sometimes it is just waiting to happen.
A woman's view is always nice, but I will take the emergence of real spankings over Cindy commenting.

Ronnie: she is, and I imagine as much as P does. Happy New Year to you and P and family

L: hope the surprise was enjoyable for them, but maybe less enjoyable for you until a few days later.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

The "surprise" turned out to be nothing worse than the old carpet beater, which J. hadn't used for years (and never with B. present)...
It still packs a serious wallop -and B. enjoyed using it- but I dread what the two of them have in store for the next remaining days...


Red said...

Cindy is learning how to make the carpet beater effective
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

The carpet beater I use is made of rattan (not plastic!) and it carries a serious whack! Cindy: Use wide (and sturdy!) swings!