Merry Christmas to all

Hoping you have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!
To all those who enjoy being involved in spankings
If you have been naughty, Santa has a reward for you
but, there are always ways to avoid a spanking
but then again,
way too submissive
 some photos should never be taken
and some Santa's are???
but Santa's helpers are always very friendly
 maybe it just earns you an extra spanking
thus, remember

and now I understand long candy canes.

Merry Christmas
bottoms up
From Cindy and Red


Baxter said...

wow, what a collection of naughty christmas stuff. I think I should be spanked just for looking at them. HAHAHAHAHA

ronnie said...

Hope you had a wonderful day. Love to both,

Red said...

baxter: very true, you should be spanked often.

Ronnie: hope you both had a wonderful day also. Ours was great.
bottoms up