male submissive sites to visit

There exist many male submissive sites, so here are a few for your pleasure..


The following site has no explanation, but the title does say it all
The above words are very true
A site with lots of videos, of men being spanked by women

the title is What naughty boys get....

THE AUTHOR WRITES: This is my Fiancé whom I have decided to spank and discipline regularly, to prepare him for a long happy marriage to me. I will make him a better man and regularly remind him that his bum belongs to me to do with as I please .
This site has  a multitude of gifs, and videos, of one woman spanking her boyfriend, and answering questions from readers.

The title states it all
Enjoy your fantasies, and even better, enjoy the reality of your spanking relationship
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

OMG so many wonderful sites for me to look at. Maybe I can even get R to look at some of them....But then maybe not she might get too many ideas...But would giving her ideas be all that bad?
Thank you red.

Red said...

archedone: It might be nice for Cindy to look also, but then again maybe not.
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Nice references. Some hot spots

Red said...

you are welcome