Happy New Year

Best wishes for a wonderful, happy, healthy, and adventurous New Year with lots of satisfying new experiences, including spankings.
Some people might say that :
 but I would rather take it day by day and enjoy life
So New Years Resolutions about losing weight

or other worries are best left ignored
and always look to someway of having fun in life

and always look for positives next year... Enjoy being spanked
 and for easy ways of solving problems
and think outside the box that we were brought up in, and are contained in..
never make a bet you cannot win
Try to do something fun everyday, specially when you travel
Really, this applies to me
Make the right choice every day

and this is meant for you, because a hug given, whether to a man or woman, is a sign of CARING

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Have a great 2017, Red and Cindy. Even when you have to put up with that douchebag Trump.

Best wishes from Marco (spankee) and Lindsay (spanker).

Baxter said...

Great thoughts today. The first one is right on. Life is all about ass in so many ways. We have been doing the 12 days of Christmas and my wife said that she will continue daily spankings into the new year. I told her that I look forward to it very much as a burning warm bottom is enjoyable.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Great stuff!

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, some great sayings here! Happy New Year to you and Cindy.
love Jan and John, xx

Downunder Don said...

Happy New year and may all your wishes come true

Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you and Cindy from archedone and R. What a wonderful post for the new year. A New Years wish for you both. May Red get more spanking this year and may Cindy keep smiling with each spank. We did not issue in the New Year but when we went to bed R promised me a good long spanking to start off our new year.

ricky said...

Re # 11:
Well, you know what the existentialists say,
Not making a choice, is itself a choice.
So, what the heck, go for it; step out into the sunshine and become whatever comes. Just remember though, you have the choice if you want to or not.
Oh dear, we're back to square one, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

For me the only New Year Resolution that I make, and it is every year, to find myself over my wife lap even more. Spankings have made my left happy and very much less stressful.
A Good Wife is One who Knows Spanking her husband insures a happy marriage. This husband will attest to that, even though his bare bottom is stinging and very warm and red and on display while facing the wall.

Red said...

Marco and Lindsay: Downunder Don: Jan and John: anon: Happy New Tear to you , and happy spankings.
Baxter; good luck with daily spankings and happy new year
archedone: that is starting the year in a very nice fashion
Ricky: back at square one must mean you get spanked again