day two spanking

On the twelve day spanking adventure that we have embarked on, Cindy is pleased. Cindy permits me to choose the implement, as if we go the twelve days, many implements will be in play.
After so many spanks with the tawse yesterday, which had been preceded the day before by a strong spanking, I chose the wooden soup stirrer.

Cindy had me standing, bare bottomed, bending at the waist, with my hands on the bed supporting me.

I imagined (foolish man) that the soup stirrer would not be that bad, as it would only be twelve spanks. WRONG!!!!

Cindy made certain that each spank was strongly delivered, and after six spanks, decided that we should review yesterday's lesson. I quickly stated "ears open, Mouth closed", and Cindy was delighted. She commented that she must be a very good teacher, and i am a fast learner.

My writing this is helping me remember the lesson. Six more strong spanks followed, with my squirming a bit and owwing.
Cindy then stated, so , it is eleven strokes with this tawse, is it? Yes Dear!

This seems to be working well she stated,a s the first spank landed with a yelp from my lips. Slowly, five more spanks occurred, before she stated:

"Now, today's lesson: moderate your drinking when we have guests or go out. When you start drinking quite a bit of wine, you then start talking A LOT, and that also differs from Ears Open,mouth closed.

The last five spanks were well given, in that I really felt each one.

Cindy was quite happy, and stated : "this seems to be working well".

My response was yes dear, thank you for the spanking.

Interesting dilemma I have gotten  myself into.

I am actually writing this on day four, and will re-count day three tomorrow. My bottom is quite sore while sitting at the computer, and fortunately the chair is padded. My bottom was pink when I first got up in the morning, and it was red after my shower, I wonder if I can get Santa to arrive earlier this year...
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

mmmm.....this is a bit 'pre-emptive' spanking, Red. Cindy doesn't seem to be that nice these days. I could agree with her as being 'Mrs. Cindy', but like this, no. You have my sympathies, Red. Note: remember these days when Cindy finds herself over your lap. Vengeance is a dish, best served cold.....


Njspank said...

Love it sir.....sore red bottom for Christmas is awesome. Great relationship you two have. Love it

Anonymous said...

Interesting take on the 12 days of Christmas. If you did the traditional 12 days - "On the first of ..." - you would only get 1 spank the first day and then additionals after that. This way you start with a higher number of spanks onday one. Happy Holidays!


an English Rose said...

Rather you than me! twelve days is a few too many for me
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

The 12 days of Christmas spanking seem to be going well. I wonder will Cindy's arm give our first or Red's bottom.
I bet he is standing on Christmas day.

Red said...

Marco: this is at my request,a nd it is working well

Ron: Definitely a wonderful relationship

Matt: one spank would be a waste of time,so decided to start with a passion, and a very strong implement

Jan: then the one the first day, three the second6 the third might be more to your choosing, with the opportunity to postpone or cancel whenever desired.

archedone: definitely my bottom
bottoms up