Day four: spanking

it is sing along time:.....
On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....

12 strong spanks with the paddle
Eleven spanks with Ms. Hurley (no politics)
Ten spanks with the wooden soup stirrer (moderate drinking)
and nine spanks with the long tawse Ears open, mouth closed)
There was a review between each different implement of the lesson from that day the implement was used
Cindy was very pleased that I remembered, and then proceeded with day four's lesson: that I must help her lessen her stress, whenever it starts to rise in her.
The spanking had me yelping, owwing, and dancing,and was over the knee Ms Hurley, then back in standing bent at the waist for the other implements. This photo does not really show the redness, as a flash was used.
I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and then we caressed and made passionate love. I had Cindy sit back on the spanking chair, as I orally caressed her breasts, then moved to her sweet spot. We both found it delicious,plus the setting being that she is sitting
on the spanking chair, and she had an amazing orgasm. it was wonderfully weird and delightful to be kneeling before her while doing this,
We then exchanged places, and Cindy gave me orally an amazing climax, while sitting on a very sore bottom.

                                              -   -   -  -   - -  - - -  -
I sit gingerly, and feel the spanked bottom while writing this... 
And now, maybe some smiles for today
The Christmas party awards..
Now why can I never find this party.... rewarding Santa's helpers
Well, the tree is up
I never thought this was the reason...
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Amazing hot and man the love making after is awesome and so hot. Love you guys

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Red!!!
That's quite a red behind you have there!! Great story. Nice to hear that you've had a sound holiday whipping already.
I really like the 7th pic from the top, eating pussy with a sore and well spanked hiney, Priceless.

Joe said...

Incrediblly hot. Love the multiple spankings followed fantastic love making. Cindy keep it sore and Red!

Anonymous said...

Spanked in different positions with different implements is done in our home quiet often. And after each implement, Cindy seems to be scolding you and making sure you have remembered past commands from her. Has Cindy said how you can help her with her stress? Love the photo of your well spanked bottom. When the 12 days are over are you going to give us a break down on how they all were? Loved the way you gave her pleasure as I'm sure Cindy did also. Bare your bottom red you have many more coming.

Anonymous said...

This one I like: being spanked and make love afterwards. Keep it up, Red!


Red said...

Ron: a fun time was had by all.

anon: Merry Chrisstmas nad Happy new Year to you also. yes, and my bottom is getting redder each day.

Joe: very true, sore and red.

archedone: many spankings left.., and this is the breakdown that I post daily.

Marco; the spirit is willing, and the flesh is fulfilling the desire, so I am keeping it up, but not during the spanking.
bottoms up