Day 3 spanking

Should I say we are off to a bright start (the red color of my bottom), or possibly that the future is looking rosy....   (as in your cheeks look rosy.. a phrase sometimes used when you come in from the cold, and your cheeks are red)

Cindy was in a delighted cheery mood when she came home from shopping  and stopping for a coffee! almost immateriality after arriving home she gleefully stated, " I think it will be time for your spanking in a little while".

So very nice of Cindy to give me time to anticipate, the initial erection slowly fading as the reality of the spanking crept in, and the knowledge that Cindy must have been thinking about it while she was out, and was ACTUALLY looking forward to it..  No anger, nor unhappiness that I had done something wrong, no disagreement,  no simple acceptance to spank me because i had asked, just a cheerful happy demeanor that she will be spanking me soon.

When told it was time, I followed her to the bedroom, and she asked me to retrieve the three implements.

Cindy was delighted with my newest choice, and Ms. Hurley.

Cindy nodded, and I quickly took my pants and panties down, and bent over at the waist with my hands on the bed. (i had put panties on after lunch,as I knew a spanking would happen that afternoon, and they help put me in a more submissive mind frame)

A few quick sharp spanks with Ms. Hurley, the rounded part landing fully on the middle of one cheek, and Cindy having fun. " I am certain Danielle will be happy to know how often her present is being used, and to have such a wonderful friend to help make certain your spankings are felt. You should thank her, and I immediately stated Thank you  Danielle""

After six, Cindy stated, so lets review your lessons...
Ears open, mouth closed.... correct, and then six strong rapid hard spanks, three to each cheek!

Now time for this soup stirrer, and six more sharp strong spanks followed...
Lesson two; drink responsibly, so that lesson one is obeyed was my quick response.
good boy, I think this method of spanking is working, as another five spanks were given slowly this time.

My bottom was quite on fire by this time...

Cindy stated:" I must be a very good teacher, because you are learning your lessons very well" Her tone was one of a very delighted and happy person. The absolutely perfect way for a spanker, that they are satisfied and happy with what they are doing, and they know it is doing good. Sometimes Cindy gets angered and sad while lecturing me about the reason I am being spanked, whereas this is simply describing behavior she wishes me to follow.

Lastly, time for the new lesson.... and a comment that " I am truly loving this tawse.. is that what you call it"
Spank, spank, spank,
No politics!
spank spank
When we are with friends, or have guests in the house, no politics...
I was squirming and owwing(which had started with Ms. Hurley) as the remainder of spanks were given...
Somehow twelve spanks were given, before Cindy stated, Oh, was this supposed to be ten... yes, Ma'am.
Well, I hope you are learning your lessons well!

My bottom was extremely red, and that (damn) tawse certainly works between the cheeks when spanking the closest cheek only.

My bottom is now pink when i get up in the morning, and red after my shower. (and this is only in the morning of day 4 when I am writing)
 An advantage of being naughty
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Wow, Cindy means business here. No politic discussions during the holidays....in this area. Come on mrs. Cindy, give Red a break here. Really.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Do I see a change in the way Cindy feels about spanking you? When she was our was she having wonderful thoughts of your bent over bare bottom accepting your 12 days of Christmas shopping and really enjoying spanking you? You may have found a new way to a happier home. Maybe your followers including me could learn something from your lessons.

Njspank said...

Very hot

Red said...

Marco: just very good advice... I wonder if we ever convince someone to change their opinion... and usually people get mad or upset with each other.. Cindy is certainly enjoying the experience

archedone: Every male who is spanked could learn from this tell lessons, and every female who is spanked could also learn.... IF THE SPANKINGS ARE CONSENSUAL

Ron: as is my bottom.. I am replying after day 7's installment
bottoms up

Red said...

Vanessa Chaland (https://plus.google.com/115022427710603890009) wrote, but accidently erased by me, the following... That one paddle almost looks like a Boomerang. :)
my response: it certainly packs a whallop everytime it returns to my bottom.