Christmas shopping suggestion: Irish minature hurley stick

A friend wrote:

Hi Red,
Being Irish born I was intrigued by your amazing Hurley stick paddle thingy. I played Hurling as a youngster and though I haven’t lived in Ireland for 40 years its still ‘’HOME “” in more ways than one.
Though my wife isn’t Irish she is a determined and dedicated spanker of immensity and she would I know, like the cultural feel of wielding such a thingy on my fanny to remind me of just who’s the Boss and to keep me in my place.
Are you able perchance to tell me where it might be obtained. ??

Unfortunately David,  I have no idea where our friend bought it in Ireland, and on a three week visit to Ireland, i did not see any myself...
A hurley (or camán) is a wooden stick used to hit a sliotar (leather ball) in the Irish sport of hurling.

However, using amazon.com and typing in miniature hurling stick, I obtained

Irish Wooden Ash Hurling Sticks Sizes 20"-36" (GAA Gaelic Hurling Camogie) …

Ours is 15 inches long, so I would recommend the smallest size available which is 20" on this site  
I recommend this as a surprise Christmas gift for your loved one, but her reaction might be as follows
or if she will be the spanker, it will give you a great reason to be very responsive to her requests
and after it has been used wonder why you purchased it?
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of a herley stick being used for correction. I can imagine it would get one's attention with the first spank and before the second one lands why did I buy it. David you say your wife is a dedicated spanker. I don't know what she uses now and how often she spanks you but I wish you luck and many happy spankings if you buy one for her to use on you.

ronnie said...

I would't like to find that implement in my Christmas stocking.


Cat said...

Ooh...I'm with Ronnie...would not want that in my Christmas stocking...looks very painful!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Njspank said...

I can't imagine

Red said...

aerchedone: Well, a friend sent it to us, Danielle, and Cindy makes certain I thank her, while she is using it. Maybe I might have to send a email each time it is used.

Ronnie: sounds like a plan: that I should send it to P for Christmas! what are friends for anyways...

Cat: all depends on the strength of the stroke, and the position of the recipient...

Ron: see above, it is effective, but as with the Body shop bath brush, has to be used with knowledge.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I didn't purchase the above, but a small wooden ping pong paddle, the ones with rubber ball. My wife spanks me with often , and why did I buy? I wanted my wife to use it. Leads to good things.

Red said...

anon; when one purchases something for your wife to spank you with, the thoughtfulness on your part is soon rewarded.
bottoms up