witnessed spanking

A few readers have expressed that their spankings are sometimes witnessed. This involves the man being spanked by his wife, and possibly a sister-in-law or mother-in-law.
Few ladies follow this blog, but we can at least dream of being the fly on the wall
watching one of our favorite spankee bloggers
bent over albeit wearing a thong 
or maybe pantyless
fun to imagine, but for the men who are spanked, wouldn't it be better to imagine a helping hand sometimes
or even
and participate if they want
pleasant dreams
bottoms up


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Njspank said...

I wish but probably won't happen but nice to dream.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

well, I wonder how that viewer might be than? I can't imagine who this should be, because Lindsay and I are pretty closed about our sexual preferences.


ronnie said...

Not for me. Hate to have someone watch.


Michael M said...

Like the first images.

Dan said...

I have been spanked in front of others. Most of the time it's in private but, if I offend someone my wife won't hesitate to pull down my pants and panties and spank me in front of them,I've been spanked in front of her sister, mother and some friends from work. It's not so bad because when the spanking starts I forget there is anyone there and just concentrate on the pain.

Baxter said...

I fantasize about having my sister in law help my wife in giving me a spanking.

Anonymous said...

Yes my fantasy, having one of my wife's friends observing or helping spanking me. Total embarrassment and exciting standing in my panties pulling them down and laying on the spanking bench offering my bottom to them. Hmmm mostly men follow your site? You are probably in line for a spanking from a few ladies that I know follow you. and I'm sure they would be happy to spank you. Am I right Hermonie?

juliesp said...

My husband and I both love involving other women in our play. For us it helps us keep it fresh, and so many woman are interested to see. But if you want a sure thing, hire a pro Domme as a third!

Cat said...

Add me to the 'not me' column, Red...do not even want anyone watching me get my tush warmed. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

Susan and Shawn, also Jacob: thanks for sharing, a somewhat out of the norm family situation.

Ron; one wonders if some writers are describing their fantasies, but it is always nice to dream.

Marco|: unfortunately, so is Cindy so it would only be with someone we have talked to about spanking for quite sometime.(like our friend Danielle and John)

Ronnie: glad you let us watch mentally with your wonderful descriptions.

michael: glad you like them

Dan: Yes, I can imagine that the embarrassment is before and after, but forgotten during the spanking

Baxter: pleasant dreams

archedone: doubt any women who follow this blog would be interested.

juliesp: interesting idea, but sort of defeats the purpose of embarrassment, and a friend knowing FOREVER!!!

Cat: everyone has their own preferences, and I can reasonably assume most women would not want this.

fun post..thanks for the comments
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hi Red: As you know, my late wife (N) occasionally spanked or whipped me under the eyes of a few of her closest friends (usually because I had been "rude" to them). One of those friends was J., whom I later married, and who maintained the practice (although for a different, yet equally small number of _her_ friends). The major difference was (is) that her sister was added to the list - not only as a spectator, but also as a co-disciplinarian... Fortunately, the two sisters are only infrequently reunited - but when it happens (whether we visit her in Burgundy, or when she visits with us), I can expect an (almost) "daily double"... as will undoubtedly happen when B. joins us for the Xmas season in less than four weeks!


Red said...

L: Merry Christmas, and the X in xmas marks the spot on your bottom. Where in the general area of Burgundy does J's sister live,a s we may be in France next May, and our paths might delightfully (or should I say Frightfully) cross.
bottoms up