Veterans Day (also Remembrance Day)

Today is a day for  people to reflect on just what type of country we really want.
I wonder how Republican voters could vote for such a pig. 
Yes,  Mrs. Clinton was equally as bad in other ways!

but how have people let the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA come to this.

Did soldiers lay down their lives, for this? 

Many (if not all)  of our veterans are handicapped ( whether mentally or physically) , from fighting to defend freedom?

Freedom is not Free (The Korean memorial in Washington)
I hope everyone will take some time today to reflect on how they can make their country better, whatever country they live in.

I believe this last photo is from Gettysburg which I have visited, and reflected on how politicians tore our country apart before.

Let us not let politicians tear us apart again.

LOVE EVERYBODY, no matter what religion states about people of different sexual persuasions.

Honor our veterans, and reflect how you can personally make this a better  and open society, with justice for all.


Hermione said...

Let's hope that today will help to reunite us all.


Anonymous said...

Our elected officials over time have brought upon themselves the distrust of those that elected them. The tea pot can only boil so long and then it boils over. For some enough was enough, thinking went out the window, anger took over. We will get through this, hope we learn along the way. Today we have no clear individual or party that can bring trust back to our government. I just hope this journey ahead finds us such a person.

Anonymous said...

What would the soldiers in World War II who fought and died against the tyranny of racism and hate feel about the current German government scolding our future president and leader about bigotry and hate? November 8th and after are a sad commentary of where we are at.

Anonymous said...

From a Dutch point of view:

America has been suckered in, one more time.

Red, you are free to discuss politics with me.

Best wishes,


Baxter said...

I am hopeful that the 2018 midterms bring about change to even the parties in DC. I believe Trump will piss enough people off and change will come. But I also believe both parties owe it to the voters to come up with better candidates and forget the retreads. As far as veterans, they have not served or died in vain. .We are still a great country and we will deal with the bullshit fine. Democracy is messy but it too will survive.

Red said...

Hermione: amen

anon: amen to that prayer also... The Democrats would have won with Bernie Sanders, who was talking "change is needed, and given hope to people.

anon: true, but with qualifications.. accepting refugees without limit strains and can break a country, if all of one religious view, that is dated in the middle ages... because remember, they become citizens, and there vote counts as much as yours or mine. Diversity is what is needed!

Marco: really need to move on in life, and enjoy life, but battle wherever necessary for human rights. I was not in a bubble, and felt in the gut that he would be elected, because the Democrats only offered more of the same, when people are clamoring for change...

Baxter: Democracy is messy, and that is a good thing. Yes, the vveteran's might be unhappy, but also the veteran's would see that change is needed.

Thank you to everyone who has served the Free World, in whatever capacity.