spanked for misbehaviour

The absolutely best way to solve a problem, is to spank the miscreant, and then move on as the problem has been addressed. The best part is that later that day or the next day, one has forgotten "the why" for a spanking, but still feel the soreness reminding one to behave better and more considerately.

This happened yesterday, with Cindy stating in an exasperated tone to" get upstairs and bare your bottom!"  When we arrived n the bedroom, Cindy stated " get something leather" and with the tone i retrieved the short tawse.
Bare bottomed, prone with a pillow under my hips, Cindy immediately started spanking away with a purpose.

Cindy must have done about forty strong spanks, and I was squirming and owwing  throughout, with feet doing a merry dance.  Cindy then stated ten more, and these were delivered slowly with emphasis.

I was permitted to rise, and I thanked Cindy for the spanking. Being permitted to look in the mirror, my bottom was a rosy red from top to bottom.

Problem solved, and on with the day.

When I showered the following morning (today), my bottom regained it's bright red hue. (This photo is NOT me.)
if you are thinking of introducing spanking into your marriage, we whole-heartedly recommend it.
 Dave Wolfe artwork below
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Anonymous said...

There are different forms of "remembering"... My derrière 'remembers' as long as it stays sore (which depends on the intensity of the spanking). I remember - whether on my own, or because J. likes to remind me of the last session as a warning, and because I know that the next spanking is waiting to happen... sooner rather than later!


PS: my 'remembering' is particularly vivid on the (fortunately rare) occasions when the spanking has been witnessed - or delivered jointly by J. and her sister!

Joe said...

Hi Red always enjoy you blogs. Especially when reading how well Cindy takes care of you, you are a very lucky man. There really is nothing like a good spanking. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter as we accept spanking for any reason, punishment, maintenance or just because. but this time Cindy seemed upset. Did she ever tell you why you got spanked? Would be nice to know so you can avoid that again. That is if you wanted to avoid it.

Njspank said...

Two things. One I love the hot shower the next morning the sting returns. Love it. Two I love Wolfies work just so real and sensual