orgasm then spanked adventurous tuesdays

Today's topic is a chance for you to inform other readers of your adventure in this type of spankings.
Just in case this has only a femdom concept, this nicely captioned photo reminds us it can equally apply to a woman beofre she is spanked.
I have never orgasm-ed before being spanked,

but this is something a wife can demand you  do yourself in her presence as she sits on the spanking chair waiting to spank you
or she can decide to give you a helping hand
whether indoors or outdoors
(the above photos are from  http://bitchydetectivelady.tumblr.com )
Readers previously have expressed how the spanking is, (or appears to be) much more intense, as your senses are heightened by an orgasm.

I wonder if this next gif would be even more intense, in that your erection is not permitted to wilt while you are being spanked?

whereas being spanked while orgasming would undoubtedly be pure bliss
one other viewpoint
“If a man goes into subspace easily from being disciplined, his wife might require that he masturbate prior to a session that is meant to be a real punishment. This will remove most if not all the erotic elements for him, although it might heighten the erotic elements for her if she is turned on by the thought of her husband submitting despite not being aroused.
Nevertheless, if you want the D/s energy and the sexual passion to be present during a discipline session, it is best if the man is in an aroused state. The longer he has been denied sexual release, the more discipline he can take, and the more discipline he can take, the more D/s energy can be exchanged during the session.“
Text probably by Elise Sutton

I have occasionally mentioned to Cindy that her spanking me after making love might be more intense and useful, but both of us are happily exhausted after spectacular spanking and then each of us orgasming. We are  NOT into deep femdom, so Cindy has no interest in this aspect of control and dominance.
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juliesp said...

Come on! How about a bit of "field research" before a post like this. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Everything I've read indicates that post-orgasm spankings are pretty brutal. I don't think I want any part of that! https://someonesgonnagetit.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/dear-ms-marwood-post-orgasm-spanking/

kdpierre said...

I've experienced this a few times. Only once or twice was I able to quickly get my head back in gear to make the punishment more tolerable. The other times were just awful. Rosa likes seeing me feeling guilty, contrite, and receptive for a punishment. As such, pre-punishment O's would be counterproductive in that regard. She is satisfied with her ability to spank hard enough to make a serious impression so that the added penalty of a post-orgasm mindset is unnecessary for her. (But with us.....as with most things......it is always an option.)

Anonymous said...

Like you I have never climaxed before spanking and R is not interested in having me masturbate or her masturbating me prior to spanking. when she wants to spank that is the only thing on her mind and mine also but like most spanko's I'm erect prior to spanking

otkloverjohn said...

My wife makes/helps me relieve myself before punishment spanking sessions, as I am usually erect before and often at the end of regular spankings. And this definitely takes any sexual enjoyment possibilities away, and DOES indeed raise the pain level.

vanessachaland said...

I sometimes spank before, during and after. :)

Red said...

julie: As ;the saying goes, ladies first... so why not be spanked on two separate occasions, once without orgasming first, and then the second time having orgasmed and then spanked. I am the sub, and that would be topping from the bottom (snicker snicker)

anon: thanks for the link, any spanking can be brutal, it all depends on how hard and with what implement a person is spanked.

susan: so actually no difference as he does this after every spanking.

kdpierre: thanks for confirming the fact that it could be very awful, but then eliminates some of the other described experiences.

archedone: interesting, just like Cindy that if she really wants to spank me now, then it will begin immediately.

otkloverjohn: thanks for sharing... proof positive that the spanking hurts more.

Vanessa: thanks for sharing.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Susan, yes he does, tried the bath brush, took your advise, very effective. My mother told me the dancing afterwards tells you are well your spanking was received. You don't dance after a spanking, rubbing and such? My Mother would have you dancing for sure.

Joe said...

Great question Red in my quest to get my wife into spanking me I went to our room early and laid out several spanking implements and when she arrived found me naked on my stomach on the bed with two pillows under my stomach, butt way up and some relaxation music playing. She smiled and said ok, slowly stripped for me lit a candle and started gently touching, caressing and massaging every part of my body. After that picked up a leather paddle and gave me about 50 strokes on my butt and legs, again touched and caressed me all over and stroking me to keep me hard. Then picked up the leather belt and delivered several stinging strokes on my bottom. More caressing and stroking then the wooden paddle was used effectively all the while keeping me hard and swatting me between the legs with the belt. It was fantastic having hard swats to the butt with the wooden paddle building in intensity and having my erection being maintained and treated to the belt mildly with some stinging. This continued for over an hour until I was more aroused and sore all at the same time. When she told me it was over I thanked her for a great spanking and was then told it was time for me to please her which was done with gusto and we both had fantastic orgasms.

Pizza Paddle said...

Only when I have reallllly been naughty does this occur.
It has to be serious for my wife to make me "jerk off first", in her words. With her order, I have to strip naked and masturbate while she looks on, be it in the bedroom on a towel or in the toilet. The spanking that follows is much more memorable in both the intensity and the shame. This always brings on tears.

Anonymous said...

I know any spanking can be brutal, I guess my point was that all other variables (intensity, frequency, duration, implement, position) being equal, the post-orgasm spanking is apparently the absolute worst because the sexual arousal that mitigates the pain is not there.

The link was a response to a question from a wife who apparently didn't think the spankings she gave her husband hurt as much as she would have liked, so she was looking for a solution--and according to the columnist's response--found it.

Red said...

susan: i have never believed that level of a spanking with tears is necessary. The person has to want to change their behavior and a spanking emphasizes that it is necessary, but the change is because of love, not FEAR. (and really, all the dancing still has Shawn misbehaving (in your opinion.)

Shawn : glad to know you are learning, but it seems very very slowly.

anon: very true, I believe, and the link is useful

Red said...

Jowe: thanks for sharing how it all began

Red said...

pizza: Hope I will avoid that happening, thanks for sharing
bottoms up

Red said...

mary: glad you are learning to express what you like, and hope things work out for you.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Spankings don't count if I am erect. I am either told to take care of myself or spanked very hard and fast until it goes away. Once the erection is gone the spankings "count" towards the offence. I prefer being allowed to relieve myself as the ideas of being spanked by her often keep me hard for a while. If she's in a kinky mood she'll play with it to keep it up so she can spank me longer for free.