Love Our Lurkers (that means you)

A simple post, with similar being posted by many other bloggers, whose primary focus is spanking, and life in general.

The thought is that it would be nice if you leave a comment or two on one of these blogs, specially if you visit frequently, but hide in the shadows.

Share your thoughts about spanking! You might write a little about your spanking lifestyle, or just how you find the topic intriguing, and thus are researching a little.

I might be so bold to say that almost every blogger who writes about being spanked, ABSOLUTELY ENJOY THE FACT THAT THEY ARE SO WELL SPANKED AND LOVED.


I like the idea that Cindy:
will say I am going to spank you (or simply blurts out " pull down your pants and bend over as she reaches for a spanking implement ...no warning..simply NOW!!!!"

i become less happy with spanking while the spanking continues and strengthens

i love the affection and warmth and the sore bottom afterwards as a reminder that the spanking was given with love, and because Cindy loves me!

So, if you please, leave a comment on a few people's blogs today, and you can sign it with a fictitious name, which you can then use in future comments so that the blogger can get to know you a little.

 Hermione   , who has a list of other bloggers who I know would love you to stop by and say hello.
bottoms up


an English Rose said...

HI Red, I hope you have a couple of fun days out here in Blogland,
love Jan, xx

ronnie said...


I love visiting you here, though I don't always leave a comment. I hope lots of your silent readers come out and say hello. Happy LOL day.


Michael M said...

I hope you get a spanking for your efforts on LOL. Keep up the interesting blogs.

j.stern said...

My favorite, in the pictures on the right of your blog, is the woman full of gaiety who seems to be delighted to give the bedtime spanking. She seems sooo strict ! Anyone knows who she is ?

Anonymous said...

Yo! Happy LOL day from Rod of The Canery

Katie said...

Hi Red, :) I found my way here, via Hermione's list, so I am a first timer. It is fun to meet other bloggers during this event too. Happy LOL Days! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Downunder Don said...

Hi Red, I visit daily and love all the comics and captions....always leave with a smile

Anonymous said...

Happy LOL Day!!! :)


Aimless Rambling said...

I visited today and I think I've been here before w/o commenting, so I quality as a lurker. No more.

abby said...

My first visit, glad to have found you.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

Great blog from a naughty lurker. xoxo

Red said...

Firstly, thank you to everyone for leaving a comment, and I promise to reciprocate within the next week. It is wonderful to hear from other spanksters. I have been gardening for 6 hours today, and probably tomorrow, so will need time to visit everyone.

Jan: thanks for dropping by. I am so very happy that you are dong well now, and are also back to being spanked, for love and fun.

Ronnie: I love your blog, and your amazingly captivating way of writing. Cindy and I need to visit in person in the future.

Michael M: thanks, Glad you like it.

Sterngoat: the person spanking SHOULD ENJOY them-self, as they are giving something needed, with love. No idea who, but would appreciate knowing.

The canery: And happy LOL day to you

Katie: thanks for dropping by. It is definitely fun to meet spanking mates.

Downunder Don: Very happy to know I give you a smile , and hope the weather of Spring is delightful for you. Opportunities for outdoor spankings... :)

Lilli Claremont: thank you

Leigh Smith Thank for dropping by.

Abby: hugs to you also. Thanks for dropping by.

bottoms up

Joe said...

Hi Red. Visit your blog often but post only occasionally. So a part time lurker. Always enjoy your blog and catch up on one's I missed, also reading back to the beginning. Love your blog and trying to become a regular spanked like you.

Lindy Thomas said...

Hi Red New to your blog thanks to Hermione. Happy LOL day. Hope to visit again soon.

Hugs Lindy

Anonymous said...

The blogs I visit regularly are:

Consensual Spanking
Chross Blog (mainly for the links to the below as it's easy.
Erica Scott
Hermoine's Heart
Heart and Soul
Our Bottoms Burn

Red and Bogey's blog always provide a wide variety of topics. I love Hermoine's spanko brunches. Ronnie is a master spanking story writer, very witty and oh, so hot. Erica has a wonderful wit and, being an editor I admire her spelling and grammar. Not to mention her open and honest posts.

You all make my day.

Happy Spankings and a joyful LoL day.


Minielle Labraun said...

Hi! I have definitely lurked! I don't believe I have ever left a comment! Sorry about that!
Happy LOL!

Anonymous said...

As I've been lurking around this and other spanking sites for a number of years and in response to LOL day I thought it was time I left a comment. I am a 60-something retired male Brit who is spanked by his wife. We used to do mutual spanking but over the years it has developed into me being spanked and I have to say that is the way I like it. Consensual Spanking is my favourite spanking site and the one that I keep returning to. Red and Cindy seem to have the lifestyle that I aspire to, retired, lots of holidays and lots of spanking all down in an environment of mutual love and respect.

Happy spankings to all.

Cat said...

Hey Red...I have visited but don't believe I've ever commented so guess that makes me a lurker. ;) Happy LOL Days!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Dr. Ken said...

Happy LOL Day!

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

No lurker here.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

I have to say I love your aspiration and I too would love that.

Happy Spankings


Red said...

Joe: thanks for dropping by, and good luck in being spanked regularly.

Lindy: welcome aboard, and thanks for dropping by with a comment

Yorkie: thanks for dropping by, and leaving comments. A very good list of blogs that you visit.

Minelle: thanks for lurking, and now leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

Anon: I really appreciate your comment,. IT might make me blush, but the only blushing is my bottom being red. Hopefully you will write a bit more of your lifestyle when you are in the mood, and pick a fictitious name to always sign the comment. Looking forward to knowing more of your life.

Cat: thanks, and happy LOL day and everyday to you also.

Marco: glad to have you as a friend

bottoms up

Njspank said...

This is just a classic site. Sorry been away but had some physical issues.

Red said...

Ron: hopefully you are well now.
bottoms up