Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and remember to smile

My wish to everyone is that they have a happy day with family and friends.

As our family does, you might consider checking all electronic devices at the door...

When traveling, enjoy the views of your surroundings, and marvel, even if traveling underground.
with friends, talk to them
and may the future be kind to everyone, and not unfold like this.
and here are some smiles for you
I don't always drink coffee, there has to be time in the day for WINE!!!!
Truer words have never been spoken
and if life gets you down

 and remember
and may everything you experience today be yummy...

bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, happy Thanksgiving to you and Cindy and no I didn't get it for ages!
love Jan, xx

Baxter said...

happy thanksgiving Red. this is a good blog. On my bus and on my train, most folks are looking at their phone with earbuds in and they are missing the scenery. Love the thought about yoga pants - right on.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!! 4th one down!! Our favorite position!! Thanks!! JayJay

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's a holiday.

Best wishes,


Joe said...

Happy Thanksgiving Red

Downunder Don said...

Hi Red, as always some happy thoughts to get through the day.

Cat said...

Oh yes, Red...I have a very dirty mind andgot it right away. ;) Thank you for all the giggles. Hope you and Cindy had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Njspank said...

Great post and very funny. Love the wine.
Happy Thanksgiving

Red said...

Jan: happy thanksgiving to you also... Glad you eventually saw the image. I imagine you are not entirely naughty
Baxter: so much nonsense on Facebook, yes enjoy the scenery, and seeing people.
jayjay: i imagine you saw it instantly.
marco, Joe, Downunder Don, Cat, Ron: thank you and happy thanksgiving to you.