Free the nipple

Men are so easily distracted, and attracted, by women's flirting behavior. This applies whether you are first dating,or been married for many years as Cindy and I have (over 40 years married)
One nice way of exciting a male
is to not wear a bra some days
 because the sight of erect nipples
causes a sexy reaction!
Life is to be enjoyed, so a simple nip in the air (WOW...I know know what it means when someone says the weather is a bit nippy )
So bring on those fall days, and may it be a little nippy outdoors, and indoors

So, if this last caption was inappropriate... what a good reason to be spanked

Remember ladies, flirt with your partner

bottoms up


Njspank said...

Really lovely but I am a total ass man.

Anonymous said...

Traveling in the country has some beautiful scenery. along with that scenery is the view of erect nipples under a woman's shirt. It makes grown men act like teenagers again. and if you happen to be looking at the wrong nipples you know a spanking will follow.

Baxter said...

The thing with boobs is you can't really stare at them without getting caught. You can stare at a sexy bottom encased in tight jeans or wiggling under a skirt/dress. Either way, spankings should happen.

Anonymous said...

My love of nipples have been rewarded over and over again. The young and the old how I enjoy them so much and wish me to never stop. With the older women I confide my desire to be spanked, each and everyone has given me the spankings of my dreams, holding nothing back. One particular woman decided to spank me prior to and she really warmed my bottom, it was stinging and she said no rubbing just enjoy these pointing to her wonder nipples. I enjoyed and she rubbed my very spanked bottom and ask if I was going to be a good little boy and I looked up at her and smiled.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

My wife Lindsay has fairly big ones. A great tease.


Red said...

Ron; a very valid point.

archedone: sounds like a win win, but only from our point of view
Baxter: very true
anon: nice dream or reality.
marco: wives should tease their husbands, it adds to loving excitement.
bottoms up

Joe said...

Beautiful just BEAUTIFUL! ;<)

Red said...

so true
bottoms up