Cindy spanked

Sometimes, Cindy gets spanked. These spankings are very infrequent, but her behavior was unacceptable, and miss-directed at me.

We have some very nice friends, but one talks an awful lot, and is hard to deter. Cindy was drying her hair, when I answered the phone and gave it to her, as the friend was suggesting a walk. Cindy agreed to go in fifteen minutes, but the woman kept talking, and i asked Cindy to ask if her husband would like to go for coffee. Cindy was exasperated, and simply should have said "i must go to finish drying my hair", but didn't.

I mouthed again to ask about coffee, and Cindy, frustrated, mouthed back to me... F*ck Off.

Shortly afterwards, I informed Cindy that I was going to spank her for her response. She immediately apologized,  stated that she was frustrated, and i responded that she should have been more forceful with the friend, not abusive to me.

Later that afternoon, I stated that it was time for her spanking. Cindy was very reluctant, but accompanied me to the bedroom. I retrieved the wooden hair brush, and she wailed "not the hair brush".
I sat on the bed, and had Cindy lower her  jeans and panties, and she started to sob a little, possibly with a few tears. Twenty spanks I declared, and Cindy responded "No, that is too many", and I replied maybe it should be 25 if you are arguing.

Bare bottom spanks with the hair brush, and having Cindy count them, as i slowly spanked her bottom. A few wails during the first four spanks, a pause, and slow spanks alternating cheeks, to get up to eight. Cindy was quite distressed, and i waited and slowly rubbed her bottom. Cindy stated "too hard", but I responded that her bottom was barely pink, and continued the spanking, with Cindy sobbing a bit. I doubt their were any tears, but their might have been because of her emotional state, not the state of her bottom.

After twelve with the hair brush, I changed to using my hand, and gave eight more sharp spanks. Cindy was permitted to arise, and when she had, I asked if she wanted to say something. She responded : Thank you for my spanking! This is a little ritual we do, and Cindy delights when I have to say it after being spanked, but she is less delighted to say it.

In case anyone thinks this was too hard a spanking, it was simply that Cindy was quite overcome with guilt for what she had stated. About a year ago, while on a cruise, Cindy volunteered for a hard 20 spank spanking with the same hair brush, so that she could spend the evening finishing reading her book that was about to expire on her Ipad from the library. The funny part was that the boook never disappeared for almost a week after when it should have been deleted.

this happened two days ago, and you can rest assured that Cindy had a reason to give me a SIGNIFICANT spanking the next day, which I will tell you about in a day or two.

bottoms up


an English Rose said...

oops, poor Cindy. Mind you not many of us would have got away with that either!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

I don't think you were too hard on her. Actually too light. She was upset with her friend and took it out on you. I have a friend like that and have said many times I have to go in one conversation and he keeps talking. She is firm with you and she can be polite but firm with her friend too.

ronnie said...

I think Cindy (sorry Cindy) deserved her spanking.


Anonymous said...

Very loving of you to switch to your hand after 12. And I'm sure she learned her lesson anyway.

Anonymous said...

No, she got what she deserved, and it's never the spankee who gets to decide the instruemnt or the number of spanks. The man may show compassion - as you did with the last eight, but that is up to the spanking husband.

Red said...

Jan: no one should get away with it, in a consensual spanking relationship. Just the intensity of the spanking will vary regarding who is spanked.

archedone; so very true.. firm with one, firm with all

Ronnie: glad you agree Ronnie

anon: she did

anon: very true
bottoms up