caption time

Your task for today is to either explain what she did wrong,
what movie could this possibly have come from
what you believe she is thinking at this time
and a reason to smile a little 

Sometimes while you are being spanked, your partner comes up with another item that is upsetting her, and this energizes her to spank even harder! This could be why!
No matter how often we say it
The end result will be per-destined

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

the top picture the men are holding canes and she has to go stand in front of each one and bend over. she is probably smiling and happy. Picture 2 she is wiping dust off so he can bend over it for spanking. "I love being naughty" "I love being naughty" 3 when the belt comes off her tits will fall out he will drop to his knees to suck them and she will push him down to his hands and knees for spanking.
Did I guess right?


Anonymous said...

The photo is from the 1966 Hungarian movie, The Round-Up.

Baxter said...

My wife and I were having a long discussion last night and I said/did something I immediately regretted and she yelled at me for quite sometime. I was thinking that a good hard spanking would have resolved the issue but that was not to be. She just yelled at me and of course, I apologized. Maybe I will ask for a spanking later.

Red said...

archedone: who knows, but delightful ideas..

anon: thanks for the title.

Baxter: far better to be spanked, than be yelled at... Let us know if you did ask to be spanked!
bottoms up