break the jinx GO CUBBIES

I have removed the scheduled post, so you will see it tomorrow....

The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series in 108 years. Longer, than anyone reading this post has lived. If you were 109 years old, by then you have stopped reading about spanking would be a safe assumption.

The funny thing is that Cindy is completely involved with watching the World Series, and she has never been a person to watch sports on television, except for the Olympics. Now,she is totally watching every minute of the World Series.
So, who are you supporting? Might this switch cause you to switch sides?
Will the Cubs win
 or will it take as long as the GREAT PUMPKIN TO APPEAR?
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

I don't follow baseball, but mathematically.....they're due.

Anonymous said...

Go Tribe ! Spank those Cubbies so we can party like it's 1948

Anonymous said...

If only the baseball gods would allow the Cubbies to win just this once.

Anonymous said...

I am all for Ajax Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

Both Clubs had great stories and are deserving winners, but I am a Cubs fan - I did have my doubts when it was 3-1, however.

Carl H

Red said...

Well, the Cubbies did win, but Linus is still waiting for the Great Pumpkin.
kdpierre: probability helped
Vic: you were my second favorite team to win
anon: they did
marco: a favorite for me also
Carl H: bad odds, but they were fortunate, and the Cleveland players made unfortunate errors.
bottoms up