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It is simply mind boggling how many spanking tumblr sites now exist... The tumblrs do not own the rights to the photos, but simply re-copy from other tumblrs, and from websites that show photos to attract customers. (I do the exact same thing, copying photos to spice up my posts.

Many of these tumblrs have a role play theme of women being dressed as school girls and being spanked.  So here are just a few of the many sites that exist.


This blog is all about a man's love of spanking, his love of the female posterior in general, submission, spanking related activities such as corner time and pretty much anything else he likes.
A wonderful gif  of Audrey Knight(okay ,not dressed as a school girl, but simply delightful!

A site filled with photos of women being spanked, by both women, and occasionally men.  Many photos are age play as shown in this photo.

A site filled with age play, of women spanking younger looking women
Age play photos seem to be there specialty, of  young women being spanked by older women

So, if role play is a fantasy, why not make it a reality in your consensual spanking activities.

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Anonymous said...

Susan, Shawn is very much the little boy when it comes to a spanking. Have looked for tumblers on males being spanked, some, not many. Shawn once spanked is that little boy and for me it is cute to see. The spankings he dreads the most and puts up the most fight is the spankings he gets prior to bed. I wait until he is putting on his jammies and tell him he earned a spanking. Laying naked over my lap pleading, begging, he is that naughty little boy. He sleeps on his stomach, in the morning, a pillow is on the chair for him, and after breakfast he stands facing the wall, his pajamas bottom around his ankles, the top pinned up to provide full view of his spanked bottom. He has stated to me he would dream of such a spanking growing up, but admits now reality is worse than the dream.

Njspank said...

We role play all the time just adds fun to the scene. Anything better than lifting a skirt to reveal beautiful pantied bottom! Thanks for the sites too.


Red said...

susan: thanks for sharing
bottoms up

Red said...

Role playing can be a huge turn-on.
bottoms up