a man forgetting gets spanked

I am very forgetful, but I have always been this way, unfortunately... but sometimes, if you are similar to me, do you think this might be the case when talking with your wife...
and soon your feet will be dancing for something you forgot
But sometimes you forget to tell your wife something you are going to do, until after it is done

but you should have known your fate when you were married
your fate would be having your bottom bared whenever your wife decides it is needed
and then well spanked
bottoms up


Baxter said...

If I was spanked everytime I didn't listen to my wife, my bottom would be permanently red from spankings.

Anonymous said...

In this house spankings are when she wants to give one. I can and have asked and usually get one when I do ask. The reason for spanking me? She helps with stress relief (hers and mine), Forgetting chores or doing them late. For maintenance (weekly), and because she just feels like spanking me. I'm getting one today as this past week been busy doing yard work prior to winter so it's been a spankless week. Today I was told to lay out 4 implements for her to use on me after the football game and to have her strap on ready for use. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday to me.

Njspank said...

Love it. Great post. Thanks