A few smiles for ladies who enjoy being spanked

When P has a bad meal at a restaurant that Ronnie suggested
and discussions are always fun between Ronnie and P
 Playing dumb always works to earn a spanking
 and even if they go sailng
something to remember
 and wouldn't we all love to do this.....
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

In my neighbourhood, they removed the express line. I complained about people who had more than 5 items on the counter. Stupid supermarket, enforce your own laws or stop making silly rules.


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, These made me smile, but then I have met Ronnie!!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

A gf of years ago hinted about this desire, I said I was not into that. She continued and sure enough at her apartment I granted her desire, she enjoyed it and I found I did also. I had her face the wall, she wanted that, I left the room, came back naked and what a afternoon it was.

Red said...

Marco: guess they chose the path of least resistance.

Jan: from now on I have to remember to include your name with Ronnie's

anon: glad you both had fun
bottoms up