A day at the office

Secretaries have been displayed in magazines of the fifties, as someone who might be spanked by their employers.

Nowadays, the office setting implies legal implications that you have previously agreed to
and may show a fully dressed woman in charge of a man who is completely nude, and being spanked
most spankings being shared on the internet involve a husband and wife scenario in a  home
either being spanked
or waiting to be spanked

or outdoors setting

So, we are left with the spanking art work
fun memories
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I worked with a few ladies that I would gladly have bared my bottom for and accepted spanking. a couple of pictures with him naked and her dressed could be R and me with her explaining my errors while spanking me.

Red said...

archedone: as would I have accepted a spanking from some women where I worked. Fully clothed spanker, naked spankee certainly stresses the power differential
bottoms up