A Christmas gift to purchase

A Christmas present for yourself, might be the purchase of a wooden bath brush, if you do not already own one....
Now, if you are the spanker, this is something that you would really love to use...
It is innocuous enough that you can leave it hanging in the bath room, readily available to be used. 
However, it will give a chill (or maybe a thrill) every time the spankee sees it in the bathroom.

I can attest to the fact that it is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, even when used lightly.  If used with  strength, and appropriate scolding, I can imagine this statement to be true...
s you can see, it can be very effective both indoors and outdoors
or for REAL AGE PLAY in  a school setting.
Why would a person who is spanked PURCHASE this....  As D so correctly put it...
The object of a spanking is to be effective, and this makes it easy for your loved one to give a quick EFFECTIVE spanking with little effort on the spanker's part, but maximum impact on the spankee.

I suggest you do NOT purchase "The BODY SHOP" bath brush, as it is simply to heavy, but many others are available that will do wonderfully well.


PS: Your partner might need to use a leg lock to keep you in position while being spanked with a bath brush. She will be smiling in your antics to avoid the spanks
Conclusion: if yo are a male who is spanked by your wife or girlfriend..  give her something she will REALLY ENJOY!

and if a woman purchases it for her partner to use on her bottom

all of a sudden the worry will set in when informed to retrieve the bath brush and wait in the bedroom for your spanking...  (what you will think of me for suggesting this purchase ... might not be fit to print)

However, maybe you will be a lucky girl and be spanked standing up, where the flesh is never as tight as when bending over at the waist.
PS: if you do not like wooden toys, you will truly hate this brush...
bottoms up


Baxter said...

We don't have a bath brush yet. We do have a wooden spoon and my wife likes to use that and look at my bottom when doing do, using either side. We also have a wooden paddle (actually a bread board with a handle) that make a good impression.

Dan said...

We own a bath brush and a hair brush and both remain in sight for anyone to see. The bath brush in the bathroom and the hairbrush on the coffee table in the living room. Some know what it's for and others don't.

Anonymous said...

No, we don't own such a brush, but I think I'll buy one sooner or later. Looks like fun.


ronnie said...

We do have one, and happy to say it doesn't come out to play very often at our house.


Cat said...

I actually use a bathbrush in the shower so was able to trash them as they do get old. Was always made to replace them. Can we say ouch! ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I actually have one of those body shop brushes. I sought one out for two reasons, those stupid brushes with the removable head always end up with the head coming off wether you want it to or not and the short handled one I have is only good for...well, you know what it's good for and it is oh, so delicious.
The young lass in the shop tried to steer me towards some sort of loofah cloth to scrub my back with but what good is that for soanking with? Silly girl! Besides, I'm old and set in my ways, a bath brush it is!
We tried it once and my goodness, it does pack a wallop!
My wife asked me why I would want another "toy" and to be honest it was so she didn't have to work as hard beating my bare bottom. She accepted that! I'm keen to try it again. Eveytime I have a shower it taunts me...

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

No bath brush in this house. Between the hair brush and wooden spoon and wooden paddle. it's not needed. Both of those deliver a very good spanking and as you know Red a very sore bottom. Those three along with her whip and belt and strop keep me a well behaved husband.

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned a while ago, I finally got a bathbrush (partly out of curiosity), but I have used it only a few times. It undoubtedly does a "good job", but when a "special" form of punishment is called for, I still prefer to use the strap (especially the "Italian bridle"), the rattan cane or (last but not least!) my riding crop...


Red said...

Baxter: time you purchased a bath brush for your wife to use, and you will have a hot Christmas season.

Dan: some know,some might imagine, and some will never figure it out.

Marco; buy one as a private Christmas gift, one that will keep on giving throughout the year and beyond

Ronnie; Glad to know you have one! I wonder how I can tell P that you avoid mentioning it at serious play time

Cat: you should not be permitted to trash one, until a replacement already exists.. hopefully you will have someone to play with soon.

Yorkie: that Body shop one is very heavy and deadly.. but takes little effort on Cindy's part to make her point, and I am certain you explained that it is not a toy...

archedone: splurge this Christmas.. a new implement is always worth it, and you will regret it...

J: always good to have for those in between situations..
bottoms up