Strict Julie will be spanked (oops PADDLED)

One of the most erotic posts I have read in a very long time, including pictures, is the post you can read at:

I highly recommend it to you. There has already been more than 103 comments, so it is of interest to many people.

Being the gentleman that I am, and actually being in Buffalo next week, i have offered to  photograph the event for Julie, knowing full well that Cindy will follow Julie's spanking with my own, and most likely the hardest I have ever received.  However, mine would stop, before bruising or  blood, but it can be equally effective. In addition, it could be repeated many times during that week.
 strict Julie's unspanked bottom
Fantasy time: Strict Julie might agree, on condition that I return in the next month or two for a number of spankings from her to equate her spanking with mine, without the blood or bruising (which I hope do not occur). However, I doubt their is an extradition agreement between the USA and Canada, so i might be able to avoid returning.

The paddle awaits, a very cute and attractive bottom (not mine)
bottoms up Julie


Dan Mel said...

I am near Buffalo myself. I'm in Rochester and also close to Canada.

Anonymous said...

I have followed Julie for some time and did post on her up coming paddling. I bet you would love to photograph it for her and I'm sure she would love to see Cindy paddle you after and she can take pictures of your spanking. what a nice exchange. Photos of both your spanked bottoms side by side.

juliesp said...

Hey! That's my butt on your blog!! how humiliating... now EVERYBODY will know about my paddling ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes Canadian/American relations need this.Following Julia's blog for a bit now and she is a sexy, provocative DOM,who also wants to get Subbie with a dominant female

Anonymous said...

Julie and I had a little discussion, open and fair. I think she is a nice person who deserves the best.


Red said...

Dan: so many volunteers to watch and give a helping hand.

archedone: does sound delightful

Julie: I am at least expanding the reading audience, if not the actual viewers.

anon: (un)fortunately, she is being subbie with a novice, not with a DOM.

Marco: Julie definitely deserves the best, and muich more than 6 of the best

bottoms up

sub hub in phx said...

Her ass is nearly perfect!

Mike1970 said...

Watching that bottom turning red and her squirming while the paddle strikes is very exciting. Have fun until the pain begins.

Red said...

sub hub: too white, needs a rosy hue

mike: I am certain she will, and maybe into the pain also
bottoms up

Mike Pahula said...

she will for sure learn a lesson her butt going be sore for days iam sure suppose get lot of paddle swats hard too from her lovely friend Tracy julie promise picture too

Red said...

read it all on her blog now.

Njspank said...

I love her.

Buffalo great city. Ever go to Sportsman Tavern? Great music all live.


Red said...

ron: must try it sometime
bototms up