spanking thoughts

Keeping a blog posting almost everyday is fun, but it is also work. My thanks to everyone who drops by and leaves comments, and also to everyone who drops by but does not leave comments.
A delightful thought
so if your wife or girlfriend says bottoms up, see if it refers to TTWD
You might end up with this delightful view, and be asked to make her delectable bottom the same shade  as her shoes!!1

She may be sweet
but she also can be naughty
so, take the advice
Do not disappoint her
and the pout is just part of the fun game
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

R has made it very clear that she is the spanker and I'm the spankee. Having said that she does have a beautiful bottom and if I could I'd love to spank it.

Njspank said...


Baxter said...

great. love the position of the woman on the white chair

Red said...

archedone: a occasional pat, with a little strength, can either help encourage her bottom to be spanked GENTLY, or earn you a spanking. Win/Win as far as I see it.

Ron: you are welcome

baxter: I would pay to be the man spanking her
bottoms up