spanked husband (Red)

We have been at home for a week, and no spankings had occurred for about two weeks or more. I had asked to be spanked to relieve tension of a foolish nature, but Cindy did not act on it immediately.

The next day, when Cindy had gone shopping, I placed the wooden bath brush on the spanking chair, and her spanking shoes in front of the chair.

When Cindy returned home, she went about her normal routine, but later called me to the bedroom. No lecture, and this gif is appropriate in demeanor.
" Move the spanking chair out into the middle of the room and bare your bottom!
I helped put Cindy's high heel black leather shoes on, as they raise her knees to keep me easily on her lap.

I stood beside Cindy and lowered my pants, but Cindy lowered my underwear.

" I guess someone must be needing this!" and Cindy started off with strong spanks, and I started instantly regretting the choice of that wooden bath brush. It had been a long time since it has been used, and I had forgotten how effective it is for spanking someone's bottom (MINE!!!). Cindy simply spanked away, with strong arm spanks, and plenty of them. I was owwing and yelping, with Cindy only pausing on two occasions to catch her breath, and ask if my arms and shoulders were okay.
(The above photo shows how my feet must have been dancing, but Cindy grasps the bath brush at the far end of the handle, making for a much longer arc and  harder spank with wrist action snapping it into your bottom, as shown by the woman in the photo sitting on a chair.)
Cindy has not spanked this strongly in quite sometime, but upon reflection, this is the type of strength she used when I received my three spankings outdoors on vacation. This spanking totally relieved any stress or tension, and simply focused me on how sore my bottom was becoming. This spanking may have developed a tear in one eye (it did actually).

When Cindy felt she had spanked me sufficiently, I was permitted to standup, where I promptly thanked her.

A look in the mirror showed a fire engine red bottom, with coverage including the top of the back of my thighs.
The love making that commenced shortly thereafter was absolutely amazing, and something that only spankers and spankees into spanking can understand.

The next morning, I was informed in very strong words that Cindy was unhappy how I leave kitchen cupboard doors ajar, and the next one she sees will have me immediately SPANKED!!!!! She stated she had already closed one door three times, and she would stop this behavior with spanking. A annoyed and frustrated Cindy is not someone to mess with, as those spankings are INTENSE, to put it mildly. (PS: I have closed that door carefully  since then.

On showering later that day, my bottom was a bright red after the shower, with the flushed red re-appearing. Two days since then, my bottom still reminds of the spanking, as I write this three days after the spanking. Wood makes a lasting impression.
In my youth, these are the type of spanking humor art that i| saw, with imagining that I would be spanking a beautiful woman. Little did I know that I would be the one being spanked strongly by a beautiful woman. (Cindy)
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

J. owns a bathbrush that we acquired out of curiosity, but she seldom uses it (fortunately) because she finds it "too brutal" - which is also the way I feel about it! If whacking is required, the kitchen spoon, the hairbrush - or even the washerwoman's paddle she acquired in SE France - can do the job quite nicely!


Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure I won't use the bathbrush, should your (mis)behavior call for it - but it's true I have plenty of other tools that can make you just as sorry for misbehaving, such as the rattan cane, the riding crop or the "Italian bridle"...


Anonymous said...

It's true that, in most cases, the wooden spoon and the hairbrush get the jod done - for common misdemeanors - and that thick paddle also gets the message across your "well-cured" backside, but (even if it isn't the 'weapon of all resort', the bathbrush _will_ be used again in a way that you (and your derrière) will not soon forget! Warning duly issued!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I have one of those long handled bath brushes. It does pack quite a wallop doesn't it? I went in to The Body Shop specifically to buy one and the young girl tried to steer me into buying some loofah type thing. The cheek! I stuck to ky guns because, as well as scrubbing my back, it is quite versatile as you know...
I have only used it once and am quite eager to try it again.

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

A spanking requested and a spanking received. You needed it and Cindy loves you enough to give it to you and it sounds like it was very well given. We had a paddle like the one shown and it was used quite often. I say had because I reshaped it. We found when being used on my bottom the edges of the paddle bit into my thighs so I took it out to my shop and reshaped it. After sanding I brought it to her and she said lets try it out. into the bedroom we went took off my clothes and laid on the bed. No warm up was given and from the start I was owing and ouching then the feet began to dance. As she enjoyed applying it to my bottom and seeing my reaction she said she loved the new shape and liked the way it felt in her hand. After about 100 or so spanks I was told to get up and was taken into the family room where I was told to get into the display position. She sat and admired her work and my very red and sore bottom for about 10-15 minutes after which I was told to get dressed. My thoughts are it hurts but it felt much better and I actually want her to use it again and soon.

Anonymous said...

Dating, I would hope to find a woman who enjoyed the spanking scene like I do. Very careful how I approached this subject, most times did not. The one time I felt really sure about asking, I back off. I was spending a long weekend at her apartment, sex was really good, everything great. Her one rule was for me to have a robe, pajamas, underpants, on at all times, no walking around naked. You would not want to find out what I do for such behavior. The second morning I got up, she was in the kitchen and I decided to find out what she would do. Naked, smiling, walked into the kitchen and she looked, smiled, and before I knew had a hold of my ear and pulling me to the bedroom, I told her that hurts, she said just wait. Well I've been wanting to be spanked and I was soon across her lap. When she finished I danced around the room, rubbing, crying, I looked at my bare bottom in a mirror and it was red, I mean red. Get that robe on she said and I did as told. I had breakfast sitting on a cushion, she layed the law down. We were married a year later, the honeymoon was more than one could ask for and the first morning she had me across her lap and letting me know who was in charge. I liked that red bottom, felt good, but have since then realize that a red bottom means, dancing around the room, corner time, need for a cushion to sit on, but it took a long time and finally found the woman I was looking for. Martin

Anonymous said...

My bottom is as my wife states a spanking red color, it stings, it is warm, if I even think of rubbing, dancing around the room and not going from her lap to the wall, she will have me back over her lap and talk about red. My wife knows I need a woman to be in charge, my mother told her that prior to our marriage. Her mother just after a couple of meetings told her the samething and gave her a large hairbrush. Jay

Anonymous said...

Red .... could you please post the link to the video from the gif above of the woman in the black short business dress about to spank a man in her office? wow! fantastic scenario! thank you

Red said...

it came from a tumblr, with no other links on it. Sorry..
bottoms up