smiles for today

We should always have a few smiles everyday, so here is my attempt to have you smiling today.
 thought for everyday

As it is baseball time, a  favorite yogism (from Yogi Berra)
When you come to the fork in the road, take it...

remember, that we are on earth to enjoy life

 don't let anyone rain on your parade

A sign on the highway (This would be a inn I would just half to stop at:)
This is an actual place  : 1038 Cup Tree Road,  Gravois Mills, Mo   65037

Philosophy on a spanking blog, that should make you really have a giggle:
and remember to
and forgive yourself from past sins and regrets

That is why we have spankings to remove guilt, solve problems, to help make and keep a loving relationship
and simply because we love them (before, after, but usually not during)
enjoy your spankings, given with love
and rather effectively with a woman bath brush
and the inevitable: yes dear, I forgive you
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

Hey, Thanks for tossing in one of my illustrations! (It's great to be loved. LOL)

And the Dick's sign had me rolling. But, you know, that's the trouble with a Big Dick; it might just be too large to fit.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and many true words. Love the Inn sign.

Red said...

KDPierre: is the last one yours? If so, I will put a link on it to whatever site you have it on. Glad you liked Dick's sign.

archedone: you are welcome
bottoms up