reasons why a man gets spanked

If you were to date  a strong minded woman, she might give you the choice of a spanking or never dating her again!
You might be thinking this is funny, and sending it to single girlfriends of your wife

Stating how much you love watching women sports o television during the Olympics, like beach volleyball
of  course, not understanding the meaning of something your wife or girlfriend says will get you spanked
(do you need a translation of 9 being NEIN!!!!!)
Your wife might take kindly to your photographic skills, and this young lady is going to tell her
of course, as the years go by, communication still does not always happen!
sending this as a stroke of brilliance to your wife
The lecture when he is naked reinforces his submission, even if he has an erection. (you know a part of your goal is for this to disappear)
Be effective
A true spanking starts to show grey on to of the red
and console him afterwards, reminding him his behavior caused his spanking, bu tnow he is forgiven

bottoms up


kdpierre said...

The "German girlfriend one" was definitely chuckle-worthy! The old couple on the porch and the Irish text were pretty good too.

(Where do you find all this stuff?!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

I got in to trouble with my wife Janet last Friday she told me I was going to receive a Spanking Saturday Morning to let me think about the spanking and what I did wrong - Saturday morning she made me strip down to my pajama top and she took me by the arm from the bedroom to her study once there she game me a lecture on my behavior put me over her lap like a 6 year old and did she use the hairbrush - after she made me get the paddle from her desk I got another 10 whacks ! I am still grounded today and she said I was going to get a reminder spanking this week !- Robert

Anonymous said...

Shawn, the last picture, punishment is not over, at times when I'm naked for a spanking and afterwards being taken to the front room to face the wall. This hits the hardest, my wife is dressed and I'm feeling like a naughty little boy, naked and must face the wall for anyone to see.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where you found all the great pictures but very good post. I might add the comments on them are true LOL.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, I agreed along time ago to her rules and to being spanked. It is when I really mess up, have to be naked, stand before her and get a scolding. Nothing makes me feel smaller than that. Standing facing the wall afterwards is not fun at all either, but she being dressed and myself naked and be treated like a naughty boy I was, really gets my attention.

otkloverjohn said...

I like the way you always incorporate the importance of the loving and caring aspect in all the spankings. Without that, it is just an ass beating.

Red said...

kdpierre: glad you liked them.. I find them in many diverse places.

Robert: Janet is definitely a keeper, so behave better and only be occasionally spanked, for a very happy marriage.

shawn: being naked while she is fully dressed does establish the pecking order very well.

archedone; glad you liked the post

otkloverjohn: so very true, spanking is a part of a loving relationship, and is done with love
bottoms up