Nipple slips

You may call it tomato, and I may pronounce it differently, but nipple slips are reasonable to expect when women dress provocatively, and I am completely in favor of it.

If you are a fan, here are some sites and some of their most name worthy  ladies
Beyonce, above and below from  http://the-happiness-spreader.tumblr.com

Claire Danes

Ivanka trump

Lady Gaga

enjoy the view
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Shawn, to say I'm truly sorry after a spanking, in bed I will slowly reach for her wonderful breast and play with them, if she does not mind I will roll on top and lick, suck one and play with the other. She enjoys it very much and will rub my spanked bottom which I enjoy. There just isn't anything finer then enjoying a woman's nipple, I use my tongue and she really enjoys that and since both nipples are getting attention in the end we are both satisfied.

Baxter said...

You would enjoy the beach on the North Sea in The Netherlands. I was quite amused at all the topless ladies. I am sure my wife and sisterinlaw were not but whatever. They could both spank me, I suppose. Yeah

smuccatelli said...

Always kinda liked Claire Danes. Who knew Trump's daughter had such nice titties? Sophie Marceau is adorable (see if you can find the full clip. The expression on her face is priceless). And I wouldn't consider Gaga's exposure a "slip" (although I'm not complaining). Nice...

Red said...

Shawn: I totally agree. Cindy LOVES me kissing, licking and sucking her nipples and breasts, and then other places

Baxter: what beach did you go to, and what month? Nice fantasy of sister-in-law.

smuccatelli: glad you enjoyed the post
bottoms up