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This has many interesting posts, so i thought I would direct you to it. The author is a woman, age just out of her thirties, and another randy Canadian. It has both women being spanked, and men being spanked... and many other delightful posts.
 This could be true of many of us!!!
with the following result of a well spanked bottom

it is best to admit when you are wrong, which is often
Man or woman, this works
 but my defense was first stated by Calvin
This teext would get me leaving whatever I was doing immediately to get home!!!
ever wonder what they say when shaking hands

This is her intro to the tumblr

"I feel as if I'm made to understand but not be understood.....well at least one person 'gets' me.
Rants, Raves, Questions, Confessions, Life, Love, Loss, Likes, Dislikes, Hopes, Dreams, Desires
.....and Spankings
One day...Hopefully.. I'll share it all with my
"Percussionniste de Fesses" aka "Mallets
Or perhaps the universe will bestow sweet mercy upon me and he'll run across it one day, figure it all out and spare me all kinds of embarrassment from a future disclosure.
But I probably have a better chance of being struck by lightning and swallowed by a sinkhole simultaneously.
So for now it's my "personal" sounding board...
The events depicted in this blog are the meanderings of a mad woman with admittedly too much free time
Any similarity to any person living or dead - is merely coincidental (Sort of)
Interrogating is futile. I deny everything.
All that said...
For Mallets:
Just in case you ever wonder"

go visit
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Anonymous said...

Shawn, this blog provides more than one could ask for. Myself knowing others need that strong woman in their lives. At times my wife has visited and learned from it. Knowing I'm not the only one, and finding not only a woman who understands, but a mother-in-law who firmly believes in spanking, taught her daughter and instilled in her men are just little boys in adult bodies. So Thank You, even though my bottom can attest to my wife after visiting this sight improved ability to insure the spankings are effective.

Njspank said...

Wonderful thought process. Thanks

Red said...

shawn: Please ask your wife, very politely, if she would consider leaving a comment occasionally when she visits this blog. Woman's thoughts about spanking their husband is ALWAYS APPRECIATED.

Ron: it is a very nice tumblr
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Shawn wife, Hi, I can speak only for myself and not other wives. My Mother told me of the birds and the bees and added hairbrush, paddle. She said Men are just little boys in adult bodies. Wives are also the Mommy to their husband, and boy was she right. Shawn is also spanked over my lap, always bare, and erections do nothing for me. My Mother has had a few discussions with him, he tells me she spanks harder, I just smile. So not knowing what you wish to know I will answer your questions anytime.

Red said...

Shawn's wife: Hi. No special questions to ask, but if I or any reader has a question , it will be great that you will answer.
Cindy is exactly the same, in that an erection does not deter her from spanking me if she feels a spanking is warranted.
I have forgotten: did you spank Shawn before marriage?
Did your mother talk about spanking your husband before you were married?
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Shawn Wife Susan, yes he was spanked prior to marriage. My Mother did talk about spanking Shawn, just not on one occasion. She is divorced and should have done it back then, my Dad is something else, we seldom talk. Back to Shawn, his first spanking was not from me but from her, he will not bring it up. Visiting one long weekend, my Mother had enough and to my shock, let alone Shawn he was pulled from the bathroom, naked, taken to her bedroom and all I soon heard was him pleading. She had him in tow leading him to the kitchen, naked, crying, rubbing and could not look at me, he was told to face the wall. My mother handed me a hairbrush and sternly told I best use it. Wish I had a camera, his bottom was very red, warm to touch, he was acting like a very naughty little boy who Mommy spanked.

Anonymous said...

Susan, one other point about erections, Shawn gets them each time, gone shortly, very sore bare bottom is what is left, I remind him takes more than a small erection to get out of a spanking, there really no way out, spanking will take place.

Red said...

Susan: thanks for sharing this information, which Shawn had actually written, but not from your perspective, only his. Erections may go with the fact that you are about to be spanked, but they disappear for most men with a good significant spanking.
bottoms up

Red said...

Vanessa: I am not really certain what you mean, as I size them as small, medium, large, or x large, or original size, according to my whims... How are they coming out on your device, and what device are you using.
PS: Seems you have an interesting plus.google.com site, but how do you link to it?
bottoms up